Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Colour is your Soul Painted?

Hi there! Here's a little something I came across while browsing through some of my favourite blogs earlier this morning:

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color red, which embodies the characteristics of love, strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage, protection, excitement, speed, leadership, power, danger, and respect. Red is the color of the element Fire, and is associated with blood, life and death, birth, volcanoes, and intense emotions.

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Many thanks to Janice at Serial Crafter & Forum Junkie whose blog I came across thanks to the magnificent Craft Journal site; Janice is a regular contributor there.

The reason I was browsing the Craft Journal site is because I am the lucky winner of their monthly "Stash Giveaway"! Being somewhat curious and a little excited, (translates into impatient) I just had to check it out to see what I might have won. If last months prize is anything to go by, I should be very pleased when my postie finally delivers it; sadly, today is not the day.

If anyone reading this, out there in the 'Blogosphere' has more than a passing interest in crafting; maybe you could subscribe to The Wizards Crafts Chat"n"Swap Forum-Worldwide. If anyone is interested please click here to follow the link and join up. At the moment it is planned to close this site on the first of December, due to overwhelming competition from other more established forums. Wouldn't it be great if we could all club together and prevent this from being necessary?

On an even more sombre note; my new online friend Fly Lady has difficult times to cope with at the moment. It seems that her sister, Paddi is extremely ill; in intensive care to be precise. I have received a couple of e-mails asking for support in the form of a prayer dedicated to her recovery.

Considering the support Fly Lady has offered to so many, in terms of assisting our escape from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome); I think that this is a nice way to offer her our thanks. I realise that some might consider it a bit cheesy; however, the power of prayer is vastly under rated.

If anyone has encountered a publication called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, they would be very much aware of the philosophy which underpins its phenomenal success. The Secret is simply the power of positive thinking; the law of universal attraction. There are many who would equate this radical new concept as being very much akin to good old fashioned prayer, & leading a spiritual life!

Another example of positive thinking/prayer can also be found on the Fire the Grid website. A very good friend of mine introduced me to this some time ago. Unfortunately, that same friend is in the habit of sending trivia; I didn't open her e-mail in time to participate in what was shaping up to be a worldwide event. I am pretty sure that it went ahead a planned and I do hope that the world is a better place as a result.

To find out more about Fire the Grid follow the link and be patient; what follows is quite a lengthy series of video presentations. They are interesting and certainly thought provoking, well worth watching ...

I'm off to perform my version of Zone 3 now, I've already given the bathroom a quick swish on my way through and now I'm going to finish tidying up my PC. It's amazing how much quicker things are going; now that I have done my 27 fling boogie on all those duplicated files and spam!

I'm going to love you and leave you now, please say a little prayer for Paddi, and for everyone sick in hospital at the moment...

All my love


Polly Peirce

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