Sunday, December 9, 2007

Be Prepared!

Yesterday was a funny kinda day. It started early, with three in the bed and the little one said, “Miaow!”

The new kitten has taken to sleeping on our bed, just underneath my chin; while I am curled up on my left side in the foetal position.

Within a very short time we were joined by LB who threw himself into the bed, snuggling up on my left side; making it impossible for me to get out of the bed at the appointed time. My pelvis was aching; as it usually does and my left neck and shoulder were stiff and painful to the extent that any movement was severely restricted. With the addition of LB getting up was out of the question.

We had an early start, but despite my pleading LB refused to budge; stating that it was horrid outside and that he no longer wished to go off with the Cub Scouts! Time passes by very slowly when you’re nice and warm in a comfy bed and before we knew it, it was heading rapidly towards departure time.

When eventually the little blighter deigned to let me roll out of the bed; leaving me with only twenty minutes to spare. It’s amazing how quickly one can make & eat porridge while putting together a lunch box for two! Thank heaven’s for DG, that’s all I can say; he really is my knight in shining armour.

LB was astounded that we made it to Charleville in a little under fifteen minutes without exceeding the speed limit, even once. It’s nice to know that I am still able to impress my littlest boy!

At 10.05am we arrived. The sense of triumph we felt as we passed through the first gate of the estate was quickly dulled. Alongside one of the oldest oak trees in Ireland, a sense of dread fought its way through, shrieking the question at the top of its voice: “Where is everybody?”

The lady who pulled alongside us wasn’t with the Cubs at all; rather Mucklagh football club. Imagine running around a football pitch in little more than a pair of shorts and a jersey?! We were alright; we were dressed for the weather!

So much for the Scout Motto; “Be Prepared!” A number of phone-calls including directory enquiries followed; head office of a multi-national corporation, who transferred the call to their local branch, who passed on one urgent message.

Eventually I was able to contact BM’s wife; who made even more telephone calls and informed me that the event hadn’t been cancelled; just re-located to the Den! Thank you to all the kind people; especially to Mrs BM, who helped us out yesterday morning.

Some thirty minutes late; LB & I arrived at the Den! To be greeted by a dishevelled BM; he hadn’t slept much the previous night; worrying about the Cubs big day out!

Oblivious to the chaos; the Cubs had a great day out. Not only did they play indoor soccer, they did first aid and worked hard in the kitchen too. We had a splendid lunch of sausages and baked beans, which was fit for a king!

The accompanying 2 loaves of bread and butter were prepared by a number of volunteers; some of whom hadn’t a clue what to do. The other cubs set up the tables and set up their own places.

Afterwards each child washed and dried their utensils and put them away. While this was going on BM prepared for the badge presentation. Since September each boy had earned a number of badges and today was the big day!

LB gave a three minute talk about his collection of Beano Annuals and he too was awarded the collectors badge. The boys celebrated their Collectors, Tracking, First Aid and Home-helper badges by devouring the enormous tin of Celebrations; opened in honour of the occasion! It somehow seemed appropriate …

My only complaint is why is my body complaining so vociferously? I didn’t do a great deal yesterday; except lie on the floor so that the boys could administer first-aid. I was already in a bad way; the boys treated my broken leg, arm, jaw, nose & skull while I had an epileptic fit and a heart attack! Could that have anything to do with it?

Answers on a post-card please…

I’m gonna try drag my achin’ body to put on a roast of pork for dinner now, poor DG has been so busy today while I lay back in the leaba (as Gaeilge) supervising!

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