Monday, December 10, 2007

Snowman Prays For Tomorrow

"Dear God,
Please make me more organized so that Christmas will be really great for us all this year. Also please make my back pain go away so that I can get on with all that needs doing!"

You know, I'm probably not the only one thinking silent prayers like the one above. 24 hours later on and my back doesn't feel any better than yesterday, if anything it's a little worse than it was. It woke me up at 6.30am; I got up took a couple of pain killers and an anti-inflammatory tablet and then drifted off for another hour or so, until it was time to get up. It always helps to have a couple of extra pillows handy to provide support while lying on my side; that's how I was able to drift off again.

The codeine taking such good effect makes it difficult to wake up. At 7.45am the various alarm clocks ringing their various tones; in a cacophonous lullaby, often have the opposite effect to that intended. Which is why I have to vary my clocks periodically! Having rolled out of bed, I realised that the back pain was here for the day, the sense of relief provided by the early tablets was just temporary.

It reached out and grabbed a handful of flesh, above my left buttock & just below the waist. Not content with merely grasping it, it twisted and pulled deep down inside, resulting in the high pitched squeaking sound emanating from my parched lips. Dizzy from the medication and disorientated I stumbled towards the yellow door, where my faded blue towelling dressing gown hung. I actually thought I would fall, when all of a sudden I regained my balance, in a nick of time. I hate mornings like this...

In the ideal world Polly would have cheerfully waved the three men in her life off to work and school and then retired to bed for the day. Sadly life's not really like that. I did get the guy's ready for school; breakfasted, clothed and carrying a packed lunch. DG prefers to look after himself; read lie in the bed for ten minutes longer!

My earlier breakfast had definitely worn off by the time I got back from the school run, so I ate LB's left over cold toast with a spoonful of homemade plum jam smeared all over it. My second mug of tea kick-started my aching body as far as the computer station where I started my 'working day'. First of all I had to check the e-mails; not too bad this morning, only 5!

As much as I would have loved to lie in the bed, presiding over the newly installed TV; unfortunately lying down precipitates the pain in my neck-shoulder-arm. Maybe that's why the duvet keeps creeping its way over to my side of the bed and my hair looks as though I have been pulled through a bush backwards! Seriously, it's matted at the back where I have been tossing and turning so much at night.

I suppose this would also explain the large black circles under my eyes these days. When I am good, I am very, very good and get a good night's sleep; starting early at around 10.00 - 10.30pm. Recently I have noticed that it is getting later and later before I finally hit the sheets. The pain in my arm has been so severe, even after the multitudinous pain killer's that I have been putting off the inevitable until I can hardly keep my eyes open; in fact, I have been known to fall asleep on the sofa, being woken only by the cold.

Previously I had been falling asleep, often on the sofa, very early indeed. I only had the usual aches and pains to contend with and DG would be able to wake me before I got too cold. These days he falls asleep before me, which is why I often wake up with icicles dangling from my nose and two pieces of coal where my eyes used to be!

Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and the past few days will all have been a bad dream...

Polly Px


Crafty Angel said...

Hi polly I cant get through to my friend, but if you check out this website they should have them, I know they sell them

Hope that helps, if you cant get it there send me your address and I will send you on some.

Happy christmas, Mandy.

Polly Peirce said...

Thanks for that Mandy! I'm going to check it out in a few minutes cos I just love that stamp, it's gorgeous!
Happy Christmas! Polly.

Neasa said...

Hi Polly, hope you're feeling better soon hun. There is nothing as debilitating as chronic pain. Sending you loads of hugs hun....

Qtpies7 said...

Polly, I don't know what happened, but I didn't change my web addy until November I think, but my old url woks, it just redirects everyone to my new url. It should have still worked for you.
I'm glad you are back, now!