Monday, December 3, 2007

How are we doing then?

Well here we are again, battling it out against the elements and the clock! Not much changes around here does it?

We spent another hectic weekend re-arranging our home. Being as frugal as can be, I am in the habit of Freecycling and as the result of this we have been able to tidy up our home, just a little bit; Fly Lady would be proud of us!

The pine mid-sleeper bed was assembled a few weeks ago in the boys' room allowing for valuable floor space to be discovered and then re-covered - with junk & clothes! On Saturday DG & I set about finishing up in this room so that we could move onto the next; consequently the book shelf was pulled out from its hiding place behind my lovely pine wardrobe and relocated to a more sensible position just inside the door.

Now that the computer has been take off it there's loads a space for the boys books; with one voracious reader and a lazy reader who loves to be read to they have amassed quite a collection between them. Yet more black plastic bags were filled with clutter and junk, although some of it was hurriedly rescued by BB; we'd unwittingly chucked out his Christmas metal work project - to us it resembled a broken remote controlled car. Never Mind!

With the added touch of a notice board, adorned with self-appointed chores lists and drawings, and the sissal rug on the newly acquired floor the boys' room now resembles a room. Onto the next...

If rights were rights the next room should really have been the bathroom, particularly as the toilet seat fixings decided to sheer off last week; leaving us with a perfectly serviceable seat and lid which is no longer useable. The last one lives out in the shed, just in case we needed to rob it for spares or bring it back in in an emergency; unfortunately the 'spares' don't fit the latest model! You must be thinking; at this stage that we have gone completely mad!

Nevertheless, the next room to be sorted out was the Master Bedroom, which is the grandly misleading term for our bedroom. Having done the wardrobe swap a couple of weeks ago; DG is the proud owner of his own wardrob, albeit with a case of my clothing in the bottom of it. He is chuffed to bits with this and so we spent Sunday re-arranging our room and deep cleaning it.

The lovely pine sleigh bed is now facing the window, which in turn looks out to the east. It was lovely lying there last night watching the stars, up until then I had to lie on my left hand side and get into all sorts of contortions to see the sky. All three of the wardrobes are now neatly lined up on the northern facing back wall and my latest acquisition from Freecycle, the computer desk has been assembled behind the door.

Later this week we/I will continue with the transformation and transfer my computer and all its accoutrements onto the new desk; which lives up to its former owners description of being LARGE! Thanks Enda! We've even put our small fourteen inch portable TV up on the top shelf. I can see DG rounting around in the attic this evening; wiring in the ariel so that he can fall asleep comfortably infront of the TV instead of balancing precariously in front of it in the Sitting Room! How he doesn't have neck problems is a constant source of mystery to me...

I wonder; what's next on the agenda?

Gotta rush now to collect LB & our new kitten Chocolate from the village! Won't she have fun, in our mad house?

Polly Px

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