Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Thanks to my cyberfriend Fly Lady; plus the fact that my Fibro-flare is slowly beginning to clear up, I am back in the mood for relocating/tidying up the house. In fact, yesterday I managed to cook up enough meat for two days meals. With one or two changes to the basics we'll have a scrummy strogannoff for four this evening; without any of the usual grief which accompanies the life-style of busy card making Taxi-Mom!

At the weekend DG & I spent a lot of our time sorting and clearing. First it was the boys' room; then ours. Having moved it all around; we now have the task of transferring the computer to the new computer desk in the corner. I dare say that I might get around to it eventually! It's hard work dragging the components around the place; not only is it heavy, ie the monitor, but it's also fiddly.

One of the advantages of all this is that once installed it would be easier to use; a proper computer desk has all the necessary accoutrement's, rather than my homemade diy jobbie at the end of the hall. Also, our room is much lighter and therefor I would be less prone to eye strain as I'll be able to tweak the final adjustments to the wiring without the use of a flashlight!

Fly Lady would be proud of me. Not only have I acquired a smart new home for my computer; I have also got tons of extra storage space for the paper, books, shredder, scanner, printer(s), files, etc. With a little more effort and we could all be that little bit tidier; especially me, and I will never again have to ransack the house for a little piece of paper again. It's a nice thought, but I am not so sure about that aspect of things, some habits are just too hard to break!

In the meantime our latest addition to the family; ie Chocolate the fluffy ball of kittenish fun, has a new playground. In order to keep the mayhem to a minimum; I announced to one and all that the poor little scrap would sleep in its bed in our bedroom. That way neither the boys nor the dogs would have the opportunity to upset him too much, or me for that matter! Seeing as he's a very well behaved little cat, he is already toilet trained and comes when his name is called; that is unless he is curled up in a ball on our bed.

The boys are simply chuffed to bits with their new friend and have even set up their Scalectric's for the first time in ages, in an effort to entertain him. Well, I'm not so sure about that one, as it's them I hear laughing their socks off, but hey! They're not doing any harm; so we'll leave them for a while, so long as they remember to pack everything away afterwards.

Since Chocolate's arrival; on Monday evening, we have had all sorts of fun and games. The girls' natural curiosity has been met with hissing and spitting, stiking out with razor sharp claws and running to hide. Gypsophillus; being a terrier is determined to seek him out. Whether this is because she wants to play; we're uncertain.

TilleyTwo is also curious. We think that this is probably her maternal nature coming out; she has already managed to smother a couple of escapee hamsters and a field mouse while licking them quite literally to death! Unfortunately she's not so keep on Chocolate's annoying habit of swiping at her nose...

I'm off to the washing line and then I'm going to think about another 27 boogie-fling!

Polly Px


Qtpies7 said...

I recently started card making!
And Fly Lady is the bestest, isn't she? I should get back on her email list. I haven't done it in years and it shows.

Polly Peirce said...

Thanks for your comment. Fly Lady is the best; even where the children are concerned - The House Fairy & Reilly Challenge are just great. One of these days the CHAOS that reigns in our house will be banished with her help. Who needs an exhorcist?