Friday, December 14, 2007

The Day Before - The Morning After!

This week has been the most peculiar week. Instead of our regular Scout meeting on Monday night; we had the annual AGM. This took place later & finished much earlier than our usual session. The result being that none of the parents wanted to put in too much work & I am now the Vice Chairperson of the 1st & 10th Tullamore Scouts. Hmmm!

Upon my return home; I then sat until the small wee hours of the morning making jewelery, ieearrings x 3 pairs, one long beaded necklace and a small bracelet. As LB wasn't prepared to part with any of his treasured possessions at the school bring and buy sale; it all came back to Mum! Oh, and Gran! In all honesty, it was nice to be able to contribute something for a change; as the past few years have seen this annual event come and go before I was eventually informed of it. Last year both of the boys were given money to spend by one of the teachers; €3.00 each?! If only someone had bothered to tell me about it, before the grand event had taken place...

Between us we managed to cobble together a few more bits and pieces. You know the sort of thing, a tea pot which is too big and doesn't strain the leaves, a pretty little rice bowl, some gorgeous 80's handbags reminiscent of big shoulders and hair and a lovely headscarf too. My mum also tried to give away some of my childhood treasures, only to have them confiscated by me! Of course, if they were that important they should go up to my house, which is only fair...

Otherwise Tuesday was a relatively uneventful day. The regular jaunt into town to drop LB off at his Cubs meeting was un-necessary as I had cleverly fixed up for the poor child to be dropped & collected by DG. This was sensibly used as an excuse to stock up the Christmas wine cellar, as DG arrived home with armfuls of festive cheer; bought at a reduced price in our local supermarket. Two of those bottles turned out to be my favourite Spanish wine, cleverly purchased at our local branch of Lidl; who just happen to have a good selection.

Wednesday: oh my goodness! Wednesday turned into the most peculiar of days; perhaps I ought to say nights! I found it difficult to motivate myself and get going. I had spent the previous night finishing off some of my famous Christmas cards, having already announced that they were pretty much sorted I decided that they weren't and so spent the majority of Tuesday night scrunched up in a ball putting the finishing touches to them.

is indeed a Anyway, by the time Wednesday morning came I was in agony! It really doesn't do for me to be in contortions on my bed, for any reason. My left hip and leg were complaining loudly while the opposite neck and shoulder joined in the chorus. Were it not for the fact that I had the scouts meeting in the evening I would have been in bed really early; still duty calls and a commitmentcommitment.

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