Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Chapter's 2 & 3 (It Just Gets Worse!)

After the first chapter of my series of unfortunate event, I am almost afraid to chronicle the rest; just in case I am tempting fate.

The loo and the septic tank appear to be working perfectly; for the time being at least. Jean from the English Arm Chair Abroad left a comment on the last post about the possibility of a good blackberry crop as a result of our overspill. I must put this into perspective and say that we have in fact had a rather good crop of blackberries over the past couple of years, and a spectacular crop of damson's too. I wonder, does this tell anything about the fertility of the soil?

Getting back to our string of disaster's; I am pleased to announce that all my hard work at the computer was rewarded by the delivery of a brand-spanking new dishwasher before 10.00 am on Monday morning. The funny thing about my old Zanussi model dying is that the kitchen has never been so clean. The two boys had been threatened with co-operation over the washing up or else! The or else bit was in relation to me refusing to order any kind of automated help for the kitchen unless they got on with it in the meantime; I think that's only fair, don't you?

Chapter Two has been briefly outlined in the above paragraph's & my last post, so I think I will now skim over to Chapter 3 which ties in quite nicely with all of the previous, present and future chapters! This is due to the fact that I rely rather too heavily on my mobile phone for communications of all types.

A little while ago I upgraded; I asked for the cheapest, nastiest, most basic phone in the shop and I am afraid that I got what I asked for. The contract was renewed but, I have a feeling that I downgraded regarding the phone itself, and the moral of that story is be careful of what you ask for...

The sim card capacity on this new phone of mine appears to be limited; the result being that several of my numbers are now stored on the phone's memory. That's all well and good until such time as you transfer phones and lose most of your precious numbers like I did. To be honest, I can probably retrieve a few of them by simply reinserting my sim card into the old phone, but I am simply too busy to be bothered with this.

The advantage of this is that even if lose the new phone which hasn't got lots of numbers on it; I will be able to use my old one which has. Actually, that is almost what happened at the weekend.
Having attended a function on Saturday afternoon I discovered that it HAD mysteriously disappeared.

You can imagine the consequences of that, especially as the delivery man for the dishwasher had instructions to ring me an hour before he arrived - on the mobile phone!

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