Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events Chapter 4 (Monday's A Good Day!)

My tail of woe continues from yesterday's post. Having lost my mobile phone at the weekend and it being my primary form of communication with the outside world; I am now wondering about the wisdom of this system.

That said, I did buy a card reader and back up system for precisely this situation. Following our disastrous visit to France in 2006, I swore that I would never be faced with the problem of losing my phone contacts again. Unfortunately, I haven't made a regular habit of backing up my sim card using this device; consequently its value remains questionable. Ah, ha! Another resolution for the new year!(That's resolution 10..1!)

The saga of the dishwasher delivery wasn't actually too painful after all. After a couple of well placed e-mails to the company's customer service department and one telephone call at 9.00am Monday morning the courier was able to contact me in advance of his arrival on my land line. I must be sure to give both numbers in future; it would have been so much simpler to do this in the first place, but hey, nevermind, eh?

Poor DG; my hero. His name was slightly sullied at nine thirty-five on Monday morning; when the courier rang. His estimated time of arrival was forty-five minutes later and DG had forgotten to pull out the dead dishwasher and disassemble its many and varied attatchments; plus it was full of water.

Luckily, the God's were on my side; given that I enjoy tinkering in the DIY department. This has much to do with my parenting and history of orthopaedic theatre nursing; the combined effect make for dynamic talent in everything and anything around the house. The plumbing was the least of my worries and what's more, the scullery floor got washed into the bargain, a minor inconvenience with a hidden advantage.

Draining salt sump proved somewhat trickier; resulting in the offending machine being turned upside down; yes, that's what I said - UPSIDE DOWN! The only injury was the thump on the forehead; incurred when the blessed thing catapaulted itself forwards from its position leaning backwards, balanced on its back legs, in order to drain the last of the fluid through the discarge pipe.

It's great being able to do all these things for yourself, even if two day's later you notice what looks like smeared newsprint all over your forhead! I shall be eternally grateful that Monday was one of my good days, otherwise it would have meant a trip to the local rubbish dump at the weekend to dispose of the dishwasher that DG forgot. All in all it was quite a successful day.

I am sure you can't wait to hear the rest of my misfortunes this week, however, patience is a virtue and I have cards to be making. I am following the advice of my friend Fly Lady and using my kitchen timer to help me make the most of what seems like the short time available to me, already I have reset it, I am now on round two of my computer time!

I must go now and emerge myself into the world of the mad crafter; in the garden shed ( that should read Craft Studio) at the back of the house. I set up a website for my friends wedding; so that she can keep abreast of any developements here, and let me know what she thinks.

Yesterday I was working on the wording for the invitations, today I have to go and look at the design aspect; it's a challenge that I am really enjoying. I'm looking forward to updating their website daily. Maybe one day, I'll let you all have a peek at it...

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Jean said...

Kitchen timer. What a great idea. I suspect though that it always goes much faster in the computer room than in the kitchen. Must be something to do with the airwaves speeding it up and the egg water slowing it down...or something! I hope your woes are easing up a bit!