Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling Nostalgic Today? Try Photoshop!

I'm in a funny sort of mood today; I don't feel like doing much and Fly Lady would have a fit! I suppose it's the calm before the storm as my friend has now well and truly placed the order for the wedding stationary I've been talking about recently.

It seems that I have been working on it for weeks now; while in reality, it is probably a matter of days. However, I have been working on the idea of re-vamping my website and have been investigating what else is out there. I must say, there is some very impressive stuff out there; one or two which really caught my eye; but, as they say things simply didn't work out - unfortunately.

So, I've been fooling around at home, practicing with my Photoshop programme; rescuing what would otherwise have been black photo's with no obvious subject. Particularly as our kitten, the subject matter is already black, it was kind of hard to see him! Even with the luxury of Photoshop, LB's lovely photo's are still a bit too hard on the eyes, but this is the best I could do !

Not only that, I really don't feel much like blogging today and despite that have already written a couple of posts on other blogs, which link in quite nicely with my last post here at Polly's Peri-wrinkle's and Peircings! Okay, I know, Christmas is long past, but the memories and the decorations are here to stay...

If you fancy check out Vinca The Tinka ; as simply put, I'm just too tired to do much more than whip up a quick dinner for the four of us before I head back to bed for a catch up sleep! The dreaded insomnia is back again...

Night, Night!

Polly x

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