Saturday, February 2, 2008

Shooting The Angel Gabriel

My friend Eda (pronounced Eeadah) has finally decided on which designs she would like for her wedding invitations; Hooray!

After a few false alarms we finally got to the point whereby I could start to order in my stationary supplies. It is not advisable to do this until I am secure in the knowledge of what is needed; ie I can't afford to stock at least one hundred and twenty of everything available to card-craft-making-kind!

I am feeling pretty chuffed at the moment as she has chosen two of my personal favourite's. So, feeling light of heart I skipped off home and promptly forgot about the world of cardmaking for a few hours. If the truth be told, it was quite a relief to finally have some idea of what we were looking at.

I went off and hastily prepared a quick but satisfying and nutritionally sound dinner for four. There wasn't much time before heading back into town to drop LB & his friend off at their Cub Scouts Meeting. I also had to drop BB off at school for 7pm; he and his school mates were helping out with the open night for next years prospective pupils and their parents. Image; that was us last year!

After all the hustle and rush to get everyone everywhere I felt suddenly redundant, absolutely whacked and a little taken for granted. I asked the question; ie "... is there anything on at the weekend?" I wasn't prepared for the forthcoming answer!

It seems that we Irish are particularly bad at asking for help; preferring others to offer, once several heavy handed hints have been passed! I haven't been feeling great recently; so, I was delighted to be assured that I wouldn't be required to help out at the winter woodland hike after all! Phew!

This settled, I immediately removed my somewhat glum outlook to the Bridge House Hotel; for a cup of soothing coffee and an opportunity to finish my book. In reality, the coffee was intended to be anything other than soothing, considering that somehow I was expected to remain alert and on call for the next two hours.

While I sat at drinking my coffee, at the bar, I was privy to conversations; fuelled only in part by Guinness. For the uninitiated they bore the hallmarks of dislike and the resulting abuse of character. There was a certain familiarity between sparring partners though; which took me back to summers evening's spent in the company of Mr H; my late father.

We would often remark that "...we wouldn't bother; if we didn't like you!" It's a phrase I have often used, and yet, it stings all the same. Another expression that appears from nowhere is the good old one about how "...the truth hurts!" and how "there are many a truths spoken in jest!" I'll tell you straight; you really wouldn't want to be too sensitive living in this country.

Once we get to know you, something as simple as a well intentioned greeting can be quite insulting; if only for the type of language used! As one of my cyber friends; Deborah over at The Humble Housewife has remarked, the Irish aren't too cautious regarding the use of swear words and profanities.

Later that evening I overhead LB telling his future headmaster"... if you call me that again; I'll shoot you!" The poor man was very gracious; shaking his head in disbelief and smiling ruefully at the childs' poor mother, chortling as he made good his exit.

Hopefully, by the time LB has grown up sufficiently to be touring the school as a prospective pupil the boy's headmaster will have developed a sudden case of amnesia regarding my darlin' LB. Please God, he will have realised that this is not the way to respond to an adult in authority making an innocent enquiry as to the origins of his name.

Roughly translated, LB's full name translates as The Archangel; Gift From God. At times like this I can't really be blamed for questioning the wisdom of bestowing such a name upon my youngest child, can I? Try living up to a name like that!

Having transformed my personality into that of an optimist, I do believe in recognizing the blessings in each situation we find ourselves in. Therefore, all I will say is "Thank God for small mercies." After all, it could have been something far worse; given our potential for blasphemies, prophanities, obscenities, etc, couldn't it...?

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