Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Final Chapter (Death Match Takes Place...)

Did you hear the one about the woman who purchased a brand spanking new top of the range dishwasher and then couldn’t use it because the fittings were different? Well, you have now! That’s me; I am the heroine in the final chapter of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

Last Friday, I filled in a few of the blanks regarding the adventures of the family Peirce and their multiple disasters over the course of a week. Today, I propose to close the book on this episode of our lives; in the hope that we can get on in a trouble free manner from now on and well into the future.

Going back to the dishwasher; it is now plumbed into the space where my washing machine has always been, thus avoiding problems caused by the anti-flood system and its ginormous fittings. Seeing as it doesn’t have to pass through the carefully manufactured hole in the mass concrete wall dividing the kitchen from what we fondly call the ‘Scullery’, this is no longer a problem.

With the new dishwasher installed and working perfectly, my two bitches decided that they would embark upon yet another of their ferocious fights, right behind my back in the confined space of the scullery. I had been trying to re-programme the water softener, in the hopes of having even shinier glass ware. This task was abandoned rather suddenly as the girls snarled their way into the back of my legs and almost sent me flying.

What followed was ten minutes of terrified intervention between the objects of my affections and myself. I could and probably should stand back when these things happen and allow them to take their course. I don’t because I can’t. I take my chances and hope that I don’t get bitten; so far I have been lucky. Neither I nor my two bitches have suffered too greatly from their hormonally charged sparring matches; but it is exhausting physically and emotionally for us all.

Next evening the matter of the washing machine was tackled. For the best part of last week I was sans washing machine. The plumbing wasn’t long enough to traverse the famous whole in the wall; a matter of mere inches prevented the installation of the machine in its new position.

First evening DG took himself off to B&Q in search of extension pipes and found just what he was looking for. It was only when he went to fit them that he realised the real problem was the discharge pipe. The following evening he made a return visit to that great bastion of DIY and luckily found just what he was looking for; an extending discharge pipe for an automatic washing machine.

Evenings came and went; largely unsuccessfully. Appliances were pulled out; blocking the thoroughfare between the kitchen and the rest of the house, bits of pipe were cut off, water leaking everywhere and generally interfering with the smooth running of the household. Enough was enough! On Friday evening I demanded peace and quiet, without any excitement or water leakages…

While all of the above has been going on, it has actually been advantageous in some ways. Thankfully the washing was up to date, so this hasn't been too much of a worry and BJK looked after the boy's school uniforms for me. As a result the wedding stationary for my friend is coming along quite nicely.

I have been able to spend quite a bit of time out in my studio and/or on the computer; working on the wording. I've settled on of six informal layouts, four for the wedding itself and a couple for the evening reception.

I'm really concentrating on the design aspect of it now. Being very much aware of how people's taste varies, I have determined to offer a selection of modern & traditional designs which will hopefully suit everyone.

It's a great challenge; but it is just what I needed to get me right back into the middle of what I had originally planned to do; which is to make handmade greeting cards to sell, after all, I've got to pay for the dishwasher somehow, haven't I?

…Sunday afternoon: In the space of roughly thirty-five minutes DG removed the back of the washing machine, replaced the original hose with the B&Q extending version, put it all back together again and hey presto! Normal service is resumed…

I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy making cards...! LOL!

Take care!

Polly Px


Jean said...

Is your life ever normal?? :)

Polly Peirce said...

Sometimes! It can get a bit boring from time to time, yes! Usually while the boys are out and I've got the house to myself...