Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

In this post I am referring back to a comment posted by Jean regarding A Series of Unfortunate Events - Chapter 4:

"... I suspect though that it always goes much faster in the computer room than in the kitchen..."

You know, it is just like that. Time on the PC flies by, in the kitchen you wait patiently for the timer to ring and out in the craft studio it is very motivational!

I get my stamps cleaned up well in advance of the second hourly bell; and can leave the house to catch the school bell without any of the usual panic. That said, I've only tried it a couple of times but it does work. Maybe the kitchen timer IS the way to go; after all it is highly recommended by Fly Lady.

I have gone so far as to order one of Fly Lady's super duper timers, not only does this lady have a super effective marketing system; she also receives hundreds of testimonials regarding how good the Sidetracked Home Executives (SHE) system, is. After years of stumbling around in the dark; I do believe that finally there is light at the end of the tunnel for me and mine.

At times it is hard to believe that any one of us could possibly survive the myriad challenges of life. In our house I subscribed to the theory that:

  1. I had to work full-time
  2. I would never be able to afford to work part-time and this was my greatest fantasy
  3. I was hard done by because I didn't see much of the children, let alone rear them
  4. I didn't have time to do my housework properly
  5. I was too tired to do my house and garden maintenance; except when on holidays
  6. If I acquired a dishwasher all my troubles; great and small would be over
With the benefit of hindsight I am now able to realise each one of these myths for what they were; which of course is utter codswallop. In reverse order, let me expound each of these ludicrous beliefs:

  1. I am now on my second dishwasher and the house was actually cleaner and tidier during the short time that I was bereft of said item
  2. I am too tired to attend to my house and garden maintenance: except for the fact the occasional good day, and we now go away for holidays
  3. I have a lot more time on my hands and I still don't have the time to do my housework properly
  4. I sometimes see too much of my children these days, but I do get to play a large part in rearing them
  5. I have little or no income, and I still can't afford to work part time but this is no longer a fantasy
  6. I do not work full time, in fact I don't work much at all
I suppose it could be said that I am quite undomesticated; does this mean I'm feral? After years of living in hospital accommodation and digs I have to admit that managing a room containing up to eight or nine living areas has never been my strong point.

What with all this time on my hands, a brand spanking new vacuum cleaner and dishwasher, Tumble Drier Vent Cleaning Kit, Fly Lady digital kitchen timer et al; I am well on my way to changing the habits of a lifetime and therefore resuming another former fantasy. Being a Domestic Goddess doesn't entail time and energy consuming maniacal blitzes these days.

Fly Lady is gradually teaching me how to change this, become organized and even happier than I am now. Ultimately this is time management; something which I have always struggled with. Maybe, one day soon I will find myself sitting on top of a mountain of greeting cards, sorting through my orders and dispatching them post haste; all the while listening to the dulcet tones of cash registers expounding the seven domestic myths I once subscribed to.

Meanwhile, back in the real world the new dishwasher is plumbed in - by me, DG; my hero, has disassembled the washing machine, attached new hoses and re-installed it, the children are arguing about who is to empty the cat litter tray. A row ensues about who has left the trail of mud on my bedroom carpet.

Thank Goodness the annual Scouter's training course finished early. After twenty-four hours of practical and theoretical work, followed by a slap up meal, a few Guinness and a sing song with my mates; I just couldn't wait to come home to it all! Can you blame me...?


Polly Px

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