Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Trapped Wolves Entertained By James Brown

"Have you done your blog yet?" is a phrase that I hear more times than any other at the moment. It sounds good, doesn't it?

The standard answer to such a direct question is that " I was just about to, but then you...phoned, turned up, etc!" Of course all of this is true, and I wasn't just sitting there daydreaming at all, at all!

Today has been one of those days; yes another one! Well, it is hardly surprising really, considering that on Sunday we went to a close friends birthday party; aka a celebratory meal at a choice restaurant, ie The Wolftrap, in nearby Tullamore. We actually arrived on time; that is 8.00pm and proceeded to have a bit of fun, at the expense of the birthday boy; of course!!!

Unfortunately, I seem to have mislaid my camera at the moment, so there will be no explanatory photo's. The by now very old birthday boy; having reached the grand old age of 30 was delighted to be presented with what was obviously a large bottle of bubbly and was heard to utter "I can guess what's in here!" in a rather self satisfied way.

It did take a little persuasion on DG's part, but finally he conceded that perhaps he ought to open the gift; just to keep his eldest brother quiet. The poor boy's face was an abslolute picture; turning from delight to shock to amused hilarity in matter of nano-seconds.

Despite his educated and very sensible guess at the contents of the famous bottle; the last thing he had expected to encounter was a magnum of Heineken Lager! Our one off gift raised more than one or two eyebrows as he showed it around the pub afterwards.

After what can only be described as a splendid meal, the company retired downstairs to be entertained by a singer; whose voice can only be described as outstanding. His repertoire consisted of the many soul classics released in the 1980's and before; including a couple of James Brown numbers and some Otis Reading.

With his set complete, the man himself sat in the beer garden for a bit of fresh air, a luxurious draught of Irish Guinness and a refreshing cigarette or two! Quite how this man manages his stunning vocals with such bad habits I don't know; what I do know is that he is wasted on the Pub Circuit. Foolishly I forgot to get his name...

A great night was had by all. The birthday boy celebrated his new found decrepitude with family & friends. For once we didn't have to worry about arranging a taxi home and what's more is that we did some early morning shopping on the way home the following day.

There is only one thing that spoiled our celebrations; which is the fact that I forgot to bring my magic tablets with me and haven't slept properly since! As a result of this my body aching from head to toe, and everything in between is aching too!

Maybe tonight will be different. I took my medicines at sevenish; allowing plenty of time for them to work...

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