Saturday, February 9, 2008

Love is in the Air...

Spring is definately on its way. The evening's are getting longer; or as some around here might say "...there's a nice draw in the evening's now." Morning time's still a bit of a struggle, although even this has been remarkably easier on me since I gave up the magic tablets.

About a year ago my GP decided to try me, very successfully, on tricyclic antidepressants for pain management. Not only did they make me gain loads of weight; an increase of at least two cup sizes in the lingerie department, they also helped me sleep. Insomnia has been a constant companion for some years now, so that particular side effect was very welcome, if not the others.

Unfortunately, in the miniscule doses I was taking, tolerance does eventually take a grip, reversing the trend in the sleep department while encouraging sluggishness in the mornings. It was time for my break. I had anticipated a month long holiday from my magic tablets from the very beginning; it is recommended by many authorities for exactly that reason. It is more a matter of when, rather than if...

So what's to be done in the meantime? Good sleep hygiene - erm? Anti-histimine's -oom? Sleeper's - ahh? Lying on the ground to get some pictures of my flowers before they go out of bloom - probably not? Ssh! Half a bottle of wine - maybe? Three broken night's sleep out of seven - definately! Still; the good night's do make up for the bad and thankfully tend to outnumber them too.

While we're on that subject, I snuck down to the PC to switch things off and make sure that the boy's were tucked up in bed - that was about two hours ago. DG doesn't seem to have missed me yet; but there is a genetic case of narcolepsy involved there, plus of course it's getting on into the small wee hours now anyway...

It's only another couple of weeks now until I can resume taking my magic tablets, hopefully with all the good effects and no more of the bad. On that happy note I'm going to wish you all GoodDay and you'll just have to wait until I've got time to make my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!


Jean said...

Ah, insomnia, don't I know that one! I'm sure that you have tried all of the following but for me it more or less works (ie, 5/7 good nights!)

1. NO alcohol (I only drink wine anyway)

2. Bed AFTER 11pm and I read for a while

3. Shut the curtains - personally I prefer them open but it seems to muck up the sleep pattern.

I've never had pills because I'm just too scared. I'm lucky: I work from home so if I oversleep it's not a problem and that's what I do after a bad night.

Good luck with it!

Polly Peirce said...

I tried each of these in turn,and used to use an eyemask as well! Unfortunately only mildly successful - even in combination; at a time when insomnia was a 24/7 condition!