Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Celebratory Coryza For Retired Human Being!

Yesterday was the first day that everyone left the house to go to work and school. If it weren't for my Coryza; it would have been lovely!

Coryza is the posh name for the common cold, the tecnical name; which hopefully will garner greater sympathy for me than its more usual name! Without going into the gory details; let me simply state that I feel awful, to the point of having itchy, watery eyes and custard coloured phlegm. How absolutely delightful...

Early yesterday I made the conscious decision that I would wait until Tuesday to collect my fruit and vegetable basket, do the banking and any other little errands that need doing in town. I had already warned my Scout Leader that I wasn't fit to be let loose near human beings let alone children of a certain age...


At about this time several days ago, I was suddenly overcome with the true magnificence of what is referred to irreverently as The Common Cold and was forced to retire from the human race for a few days.

What a shame, then, that a certain person; who shall remain nameless, forgot to take his phone to school with him, didn't go to badminton and forced me to visit that very establishment I had resolved to avoid. When Mummy Dear failed to appear at home time he took refuge there while She drove into town to collect him.

I have to confess; I did utter those famous words that every parent worth his salt dreads: "How much do you think a taxi would cost...?"


Thankfully the coughing fits and associated sensitive bladder have passed, as has the constant headache, body pains (they're the norm anyway) and all the other true, blue delights that accompanied my brief period of illness. I can breath again, and in celebration of this treated us all to an unusual dinner this evening; an Indian Takeaway. In truth it's not the Asian food which is unusual, rather the fact that I agreed to pay exhorbitant prices for someone else to cook it...

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