Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sweet & Light

Every week I collect a basket of organic fruit and vegetables from the health shop; Mother Earth in Harbour Street. Unfortunately, as probably happens in most families, when we aren't feeling too well we don't necessarily feel like eating - or preparing healthy food. The result is a surplus of healthy nutritious fruit decorating the kitchen counters to such an extent that there was no room for anything else!

In our case this was mainly oranges. I had, back in the Autumn, requested a break from our lovely tasty organic apples as we had a surplus of our own produce; which for once had been hand picked from the tree. The apple picking contraption from Lidl took care of that part of the operation, unfortunately; with apples in this part of the world being so readily available everywhere, they were mostly doomed to a fate on the compost heap. There is a limit to how many apples even the most ardant fan can eat, you know...

It gets worse; as a consequence of this situation in our own orchard; we received even more of Tony's lovely organic oranges - more than the average winter family can eat at any given time!
Each week I promised myself that I would make juice, smoothies or marmalade. Every week my good intentions came and went, unrealised and the store of juicy citrus fruits would grow and grow.

Anyway, believe it or not, I got up really early on Sunday morning and while DG lounged in bed; luxuriating in All Creatures Great and Small I fulfilled my ambition. No longer would my kitchen be hostage to the two hundred various shapes and sizes of citrus, the untimely decomposition of the two mango's in the refridgerator was halted, and the over-ripe pineapple; whose leaves have been turning up in everything for the past week would be relieved of its misery. Add to this medley a plethora of kiwi's and the left over honeydew melon, which had been previously rescued from my favourite stores garbage disposal shortly before Christmas (that is another tale in its own right) and we have approximately two litres of heaven scent delightful fruit juice.

LB reckons that its more like a smoothie than a fruit juice, as there is a considerable amount of pulp in each of the mixtures. I prefer to strain apple juice as a smoother, clearer juice results in that case; otherwise it resembles whipped cream in both appearance and texture.

With citrus juices it is unnecessary to strain the juice as the pulp adds that little something extra, ie fibre, which is of course the healthier option. On Sunday, we produced a gorgeous deep red & shiny citrus juice; thanks to the addition of blood oranges, clementines, mandarines and tangarines, which really knocks the socks off the mass produced variety so readily available in the supermarkets. This one is a favourite with all of the family.

The second juice, containing the kiwi fruits, etc turned out to be a lustrous green concoction which is beyond comparison with anything else I have ever tasted. Although this exotic delight is quite different in character it does bear a semblence to something I once had as a child; apricot nectar. The flavour is quite intense and yet it is not over bearing. This is certainly something to be enjoyed first thing in the morning...

Take heart and be adventurous; allow nothing to go to waste - even the peelings can be returned to the earth to make lovely rich brown gold; ie compost...

I will make the opportunity later to take a couple of photo's of what little is left of my efforts, just to show off the clarity and beautiful colours! Maybe it will act as an inspiration and persuade someone else to have a go-jo; the results are certainly worthwhile. Next it'll be carrots, the pulp will go into carrot cake and the juice into soup...


Polly P

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