Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Belated VALENTINE'S DAY!

Oops, I have just been nosing through my blogger dashboard and realised that I wrote a post especially for St Valentine's Day and forgot to publish it!

Anyway if anyone is interested and wants to while a few moments away take a backwards look to February 14th and catch up with the gossip and news; including a link to a very good site which is promoting better breast health care here in Ireland [...]

All I can say is that I am sorry, but I have been chasing my tail and seem to have been saving a number of posts as drafts recently, rather than publishing them. I completed the Wedding Invitations and have been packing them up for presentation; I'm very happy with the results, as they do look wonderful... (if I get a chance later on I'll upload a couple of photo's and show them off!)

Meanwhile, I'm off to stamp my evening invitations. I have allowed a considerable number of rejections as hand stamping is completely dependent on the human being doing it. While this may result in unique features which cannot be reproduced by the printing press it also can lead to a greater number of failures; ie if I don't get the pressure right, roll, dry ink pad, overheating the embossing powder, etc!

Thanks for being so patient with me...

Polly Peircex

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