Sunday, March 30, 2008

Polly's Iracible...

Hi there!

When I opened my e-mail file this evening I noticed one from fuelmyblog; a site that I had registered with and forgotten about long ago! Apparently I had received one vote; Proud Mommy! likes my posts. Anyway, natural curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link (somehow remembering my password) and tried to log in.

Actually; I checked an earlier e-mail containing the registrations details. To my absolute frustration I discovered my first unsuccessful log-in attempt had in fact been using the correct details. It was around this time I began to experience the first signs of frustration. It does seem appropriate, somehow, that I quickly discovered this fun little quiz/widget; thanks to Proud Mommy!(...for visiting & voting!)

To get to the bones of it, I ended up doing it three times. The first result was a fairly respectable 114 times; unfortunately I deleted the code and had to repeat the exercise, having made up the bed with fresh linen in the meantime. My second attempt was an appalling 74 clicks in thirty seconds; according to the survey this is just about right for the work environment resulting in my being moderately perky!

Alas, my third and final attempt turned out some phenomenal results; a terrifying 156 clicks in the same thirty seconds thus resulting in my caffeine level for today being: Extremely High - Excessive Energy, Spastic!!! This of course might explain my apparent irascibility tonight; the final straw came while making the bed up.

Having searched the hot-press/airing cupboard for the missing pillow case; you know the pretty navy one with the floral sprigs ( - all the rage in the early 1990's?), I'd turned my attention back to the onerous task of slipping the duvet into its cover. I sometimes think that these things are easier done on ones own; I'm always grateful to anyone who is daft enough to volunteer for the job, but why does it always end in tears?

For a change it wasn't human tears; one of our canine companions is in the habit of slipping into the airing cupboard to sniff out the resident rodent population and had somehow been shut in. Her high pitched cries of angst certainly attracted attention; from all parties, those not present when it started soon were.

TilleyTwo had to be restrained; as I opened the door, revealing Gypsophillus trapped on a second storey shelf, her paw firmly wedged between two slats. Whether her cries were of pain, fear or simply confusion; I felt each of those emotions in a heartbeat standing before her writhing body. I was able to grasp her 'wrist' and release it; somehow evading her snapping jaws.

It never ceases to amaze me; in the aftermath of situations like that, how slowly time travels. Within seconds I had both risked my integrity and saved Gypsophillus from certain injury. My relief that things had turned out for the best turned into a big slobbery hug and lots of doggy kisses. Neither of us hurt.

Now you tell me, if my final caffeine click test is correct, how in the name of all that's good could I have done any of that and not drawn blood? The truth is that on account of the Fibromyalgia/ME I tire easily and little in the way of muscular stamina and so not happy with having to repeat the exercise again; I cheated!

Yes! I used my left hand to click and my right to hold the mouse steady; it's the shakes you see; from all that caffeine. I had a small mug of tea with breakfast, a small cup of freshly brewed coffee after dinner and a mug of tea with cards a little bit later on, that's why I'm irascible! SO THERE!!!!!

Have FUN - or Else!

Polly Peirce
Maker of Fine Irish Handmade Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary

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