Friday, March 7, 2008

Polly's Secret?

Hey there! So, do you really want to know the truth about 'The Secret' that I mentioned in the title of yesterday's blog?Well, it's pretty simple really; I bought a book by a lady called Rhonda Byrne a while back and 'The Secret' is that before the half way mark I'd abandonned its pages for something far more interesting.

The book in question is one of the biggest selling volumes since it was published last year; or was it the year before?. Highly recommended by a friend; who in the need of some personal enlightenment had recommended it as the title for discussion at one her monthly book club meetings. I have to say that this girl was actually raving about it, to the point of babbling unintelligibly. Dismissing her inarticulate recommendation, I vowed that in the future I would research the object of her affections. At that stage it was selling so fast that it was almost impossible to get your hands on a copy, and who'd want a borrowed copy of 'The Secret' anyway? Der..!

When eventually I came across the very same tome some months later, it was just sitting there waiting for me to buy it, at the very lovely Avoca Handweavers shop in Bunratty, Co Clare. I 'pounced' on on it. As it was the only copy to be seen, quick action was called for and after all I'd heard so much about it. It was going to change my life, so I thought: 'Why not? What the heck; give it a shot, you might just pick up something new...'

Sadly; I was disappointed in my purchase and quickley became bored with it. Much of it is entirely relevent; my only real quibble is the fact that, yet again, I was duped into buying the same old 'secret to a happy and successful life!' Maybe it's my own lack of judgement which disappoints me, after all I'm not exactly flush at the moment...

Let's face it guys, the power of positive thinking isn't exactly new, nor is the idea of universal attraction. They're just old hat with new names! Ooops, that's not quite what I meant, but you know; don't you? Polly's Secret is real though; having discovered the lovely Erica McKinney, life counsellor and healer, I know where you can find the same old hat at an affordable price.

The secret's of 'The Secret' are available from Erica McKinney; in her Create The Life You Want Course why not click on the links and check it out. For a little bit more information and more of my babbling check out the next post; where I continue with the babble[...]

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