Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Polly's Defies Establishment

Afer I'd managed to loose my guide at the traffic lights I was on my own; LB was sitting in the back of the car thoroughly absorbed in the tale of Skulduggery Pleasant; he's recently discovered the delights of reading! All I got from him was a monosyllabic "yeah..." every now and again. Still it's a great form of escapism; isn't it?

Thankfully I'd after stopped to ask directions; I arrived at the venue with minutes to spare. Regarding Jackamac and his crew; heaven only knows what they got up to; as we arrived before them! Once we'd secured enough seats for everyone we got down to the hard work of figuring out the scheduling; posted on the programme we'd been given upon arrival. Jackamac's Mom was delighted that his two peices for the U7's level 2 were up quite early; meaning that they could enjoy the rest of the day without worrying.

On the otherhand, LB's four peices were scattered liberally through the day; giving rise to a certain degree of anxiety on my part. He's not reknowned for his patience or stamina when it comes to waiting around for any length of time! My fears were unfounded however; as the guy's just loved sitting around, chewing the fat and cracking arm farts at every opportunity...

I was delighted to see how much improvement had been made over the past few weeks. Far from worrying about how He was going to perform; it was how the competition would affect his placing in the overall scheme of things. With only one major falter; during his floor routine, LB was awarded good marks throughout.

The news is in:
LB is now the Bronze Medalist in the Under 12 Level 3 Men's Gymnastics Championships!

When they called his name to receive the Bronze Medal in the Men's Under12; Level 3 category I was astounded. I had hoped, upon hope that this would happen; not for one moment expecting that my dreams would come true! As he stood proudly upon the podium; with his medal hanging around his neck he did me proud as he applauded the silver and gold medalists in turn. Even now, two days later, I am light headed even thinking about it...

Little Jackamac also did himself proud, his Mom bursting into tears beside me. He was awarded the Gold Medal in the Mens Under7; Level 2 category! It was only when the cheering turned to screaming beside me that I realised that it was our Jack; and not the other one...

In all, LSG wiped the floor with medals in all bar one category. Once again Leonard Battacharya triumphed; as did most of his team. Unfortunately one of our hopeful's didn't do so well and left the hall both empty handed and in tears; hiding under his granny's comforting arm.

Each of the boy's won on Sunday; regardless of their scores it is an honour to be chosen to represent the club at national level. Sadly this knowledge was of little comfort to the young man concerned.

To all of the young men and boys who competed on Sunday; the mere fact that you got so far is a testimony to yourselves and your coaches. One day it could be you giving the demonstration as a member of the national gymnastics squad before the presentation of the medals at this prestigious event.

In the meantime, keep up with the good work, continue to defy the establishment which ignores the need for financial support and pray that one day we'll get our own purpose built gymnasium to train in and then we'll take on THE WORLD...!

Congratulations to one and all!

Polly Peirce
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Jean said...

What wonderful news. Congratulations to them all and especially to LB for keeping his mum calm - sorry, I mean for doing so well!

Polly Peirce said...

We had a wonderful day Jean! The sun was shining and it was warm outside for the obligatory fresh air breaks...

LB truly excelled himself and performed magnificently. What's even more important is that he enjoyed the day and had a bit of fun with his mates while watching the rest of the competition.

He certainly deserved his celebratory coke float followed by a batter burger (yuk!) & chips!

As for Mum (ie Me) you're right; I was a bundle of nerves once we got there, but once they started I settled down nicely...