Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Excellent - Photoshop Tutorial - Turn Angelina Jolie into a vampire

Awesome and easy to follow. Step by step tutorial is narrated in real time and shows you how to transform Angelina Jolie into a vampire. Reeely Coool !!

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Jean said...

If only we could! I know everyone likes her but I just don't see it myself! I'm getting too old!

Polly Peirce said...

I'd actually meant to save this for my own use with Photoshop (I'm very much a learner!)

Once it was up though I said "What the heck!" even though it's probably more valid on Vinca the Tinka!

Still, it's a thought though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think it is grossly unfair treatment of a pregnant woman such Angelina Jolie is.

There used to be a moral code about not subjecting women in such condition to torment, even to the point of over looking any act of shop lifting.

Therfore I am grossly dismayed at such unkindness being displayed by one of her kind on this blog.

Polly Peirce said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am grossly offended by the fact that you choose to see this post as an attack on a fellow human being.

Angelina Jolie, is beautiful whether pregnant or not. Regardless, she makes a sensational vampire and for those of us with an interest in photography she couldn't have made a better subject.

This was not intended to be malicious in any way shape or form. And yes, I am one of her kind; a human being...