Friday, May 16, 2008

Polly Offends Anonymous

Well, I've been struggling all week to write a decent post. Now I know the reason, Mr/Ms A N Onymous has been censoring my post's; looking for hidden malice in them. For some strange reason I must have picked up on this as I have found it very difficult to actually press the publish button for the last fortnight.

Before I published the Breast Cancer post I had to get it proof read by BJK as I didn't want to cause offence to anyone by publishing anything inappropriate alongside it. By a slip of the finger; however, I went and un-did all the good and got myself an interesting comment regarding a link I posted the other day to a fantastic tutorial on how to photoshop.

As a keen amateur photographer I have now acquired two different versions of Photoshop and am anxious to put them to good use. So far, I have become pretty good at adjusting the levels on really dark photo's and not much else. Although I have done a couple of sketches using Photoshop and my new addition the Wacom Bamboo Graphics Pad; for which I managed to lose the pencil only yesterday!

All I can say in my defence is that I have precious little interest in the lives of celebrities and so called VIP's. It was only today that I discovered Ms Jolie was pregnant; this was by chance on a news page alongside real news like the state of the economy or the effects of natural disasters upon human kind.

I strongly object to the suggestion that I have treated Ms Jolie badly and I find this suggestion particularly offensive as it is suggested that her pregnancy is the cause of this perceived cruelty on my part. As a mother, I should think that it is fairly obvious that I have experienced the state of pregnancy and all that it entails at least twice.

If I have caused offence to either Ms Jolie or her partner Mr Pitt; I apologise sincerely. There was no malice intended, merely a celebration of the union of modern technology with a subject as beautiful as this woman is; either pregnant or non-pregnant. I must say that Mr Yankfroggy turned her into the most sensational vampire and I for one wouldn't be complaining if he could work the same magic for me.

I am saddened that Anonymous considers my post offensive; I did not intend it to be but I will not be withdrawing the post as I meant no harm. My own subjectivity; something with which I am cursed lead me to publish this post in my defence.

This is not an apology.

Yours indignantly

Polly Peirce

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