Monday, May 19, 2008

Championing Polly

In just a few day's LB will be competing in the Men's National Gynastics Championships; taking place at the Phoenix Gymnastics Club at the De La Salle College, Dundrum, Co Dublin starting at 11.00am on Sunday 25th of May. Meanwhile, LB and his young mates; representing LSG (Leonard's School of Gymnastics) are getting very excited. They only have one more training session to go now!

It was touch and go yesterday evening as he'd tripped and fallen during a game of footie with his friends at Cubs; thankfully our Cub Leader had applied ice and a crepe bandage.. The damage? A badly sprained knee!

This morning I anxiously sent him to school wearing a tubular bandage and with strict instructions that there was to be no football until Monday. I ran into an old friend at lunchtime; outside the school. We sat; for an hour and a half, catching up on things, reminiscing about old times. I spotted my little darling limping theatrically across the yard; no doubt for my benefit.

Within moments LB was spotted running after a ball; caught up in the excitement of the lunchtime match there was no sign of his 'injury' troubling him. At this stage of the game; I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

As LB is only ten years and five months old; I am pretty chuffed(yorkshire for absolutely delighted) with him and his gymnastic achievements to date, not least of which is because he's only been training for a little over eighteen months. His natural ability is a blessing; but at times it can be a curse.

Many of the skills he is learning now are having to be re-learned using the correct techniques! His enthusiasm is both catching and dangerous; which is why he needs proper training in a custom built facility locally.

Meanwhile; it will be a case of making sure that LB's leotard is clean and ready to go for the big day. I'm wondering if I should send him in shorts and a t-shirt on Friday? And I guess it's time for the dreaded hair cut and probably a much needed bath too...

Wish me LUCK!

Polly Peirce
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Jean said...

Good luck LB. I know you'll do great - just hope your mum can cope with the strain!