Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polly's Championship

Sunday was a great big deal for our family. We had an early start; the boy's were up at 7.30am click-clopping around on the polished wooden floors of my friends’ home.

Their excitement was more to do with LB staying over at Jackamac's; he had lots of exploring to fit in before we set off for the competition. They had a great old time; meaning that Jackamacs’ and I parents were able to enjoy a full breakfast and chat over a large mug of tea.

It turns out that Pa is involved with the Scouts. This of course meant that we had loads to chat about which didn't involve gymnastics; essential for novice parents prior to a big competition. The conversation even spanned the deadly issues of money, politics and religion; although not necessarily in that order!

Now my friend Jean had posted a comment the other day about keeping me calm. At the time I thought it was mildly amusing. Having seen this type of over anxious mother on TV shows I knew that she couldn't possibly be referring to the REAL me…

All of a sudden; the relief of having found my way to the venue dissipated into a mass of writhing anxiety. Of course I hoped that he'd be lucky enough to attain some sort of recognition; preferably a bronze medal. Not once did I dare believe my wishes could actually come true.

My main concern for him was that he wouldn't be intimidated by the large audience and that his day would be worthwhile and enjoyable. As he's not renowned for his patience I was very concerned when I saw the schedule of the events which entailed a lot of waiting around. In LB's case this is not a good idea...

Of course my fears were soon forgotten as LB showed a steely determination to do his very best and ran off for a last minute pep talk. Meanwhile we found seats for the rest of the family.

Arriving later, they were greatly relieved to find denim jacket's, program's, books etc strewn around; gaily reserving their places – despite this we spent most of the day on our feet anyway!

LB’s determination paid off. Having completed all four routines, ie high bar, parallel bar, vault and floor he was awarded the Bronze Medal for his category which is Men’s Under 12/Level 3.

Afterwards we were at a loss; how best to celebrate such an occasion? Time was short; DG and I would soon have to desert my victorious son due to a prior engagement…

LB was wrecked from his exertions and just wanted to go home and rest; though he was angling for a trip to the cinema on the way. As he’d probably have fallen asleep within minutes of sitting down in a warm, darkened room this idea was promised for another day.

Instead it was off to find a restaurant, pub or cafe for a luscious coke float to celebrate with. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular delight you can pick up the recipe on Vinca's In Tha Kitchen! in a few minutes.

Reluctantly we said our goodbyes, goodnights and waved the boys off. By this time the guys had persuaded my Mom to abandon a celebratory trip to our favourite Chinese restaurant; in favour of the humble batter burger and a portion of chips each!

Yuketty Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!

Polly Peirce
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