Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Polly Money

Okay! So the truth is out...

Not so long ago I rashly offered to make myself available to any mysterious benefactor who might just like to contribute to my Trip To Austria With The Scouts In August Fund. Of course I was only half joking about a very serious subject; the result? BJK announced that she hadn't realised that I'd intended to head off to the Alps with the Lads.

Anyway, one thing lead to another and frankly I got very fed up and decided not to go. I also decided not to sent BB. However, it's very hard to refuse a Scout Leader as nice as ours; especially when she's on her knees begging you to reconsider and you really, really want to go. So yes, I am heading off to Salzburg some time in August and I can't wait! Neither can BB.

The problem is that truthfully I really can't afford to go. Common sense should have prevailed; and for a very short time it did. I find myself somewhat lack-lustre and a little down in the dumps each time I think about the trip; but then again I was the same with regard to the Bruce Springsteen concert and look at what happened there - I loved it.

Basically; the bottom line is that failing the mysterious donation that I am dreaming of I am going to have to make some serious money. I have already told BB that unless he meets half the cost he will not be going; despite the fact that I have booked our flights; something to do with cutting your losses while you're still ahead...

It does sound mean telling a young lad of thirteen years, ten months, two weeks and five days old that he's not going unless he pays his way; doesn't it? Well; NO! It jolly well doesn't. BB's reached the stage where he can learn the value of money the old fashioned way; by earning it. It accordance with the sentiment of my last post; I don't agree with rewarding children for doing nothing as frankly it leads to problems in future years that I'd rather not have them or me contend with.

At least this way He will have achieved something momentous; ie The Scout Tour To Austria, during his three months holidays and have the satisfaction of knowing that He did it himself.
As for me, I can well see that I am going to have to desert my post at the computer chair and get out into that studio to make hundreds of cards to sell to unsuspecting members of the public, et al.

Yeah, right! How many times have we heard this then? (Separate e-mail on its way to Angers for Jean with very contrite contents...) But hang on in there; this time I actually mean it!

"The Hills Are Alive..."


Polly Peirce

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Jean said...

I've been holding my breathe but am beginning to gasp! Don't worry. I'd be much happier that your boys go to Austria so give them the money as gift money or whatever (but you HAVE to include the postage!). You can send me a birthday card and all will be forgiven (25 January so you've got some time!).

Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.