Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Polly Travels

Well; I've always said I couldn't manage time very well, but now it seems that it's money too. That said in 1991 I was managing to provide healthy and nutritious tasty food for two on a budget of £50.00 per calender month. Yes; that is £50!

Sometime around then the strain began to show. We each had responsible jobs entailing un-social hours and additional time and costs involved in commuting; Basingstoke is a corridor town; the residents left early in the mornings and returned late in the evenings. They worked hard and if they were lucky they got to play a little

Thankfully the town has a thriving Market; arriving early on a Saturday morning and selling off unwanted produce late in the evening. With that in mind I used to buy most of our food on the market; even bread, cheese, eggs and milk. I used to walk to the supermarket and only if I'd done a 'big' shop would I need to catch the bus home; ah, those were the days!

In the evenings after work I would cook all manner of things from scratch, including bread, yoghurt, jam, chutney and pickled onions! Nothing was too complicated for me; somehow I seemed to find the time. If I couldn't find it; I made it.

Times are different, my hair is beginning to grey and I've even found the beginnings of the odd wrinkle or two; not to mention middle aged spread! There are four of us now; although for a long time it was just me and the boys. Oh yes; and I haven't worked for two years due to the effects of chronic Fibromyalgia...

So you can imagine my reaction when I came across Cara Mirabella's book:

While I can't claim to have read a single word of it; I intend to read every single word. With there being so many things that I can't do any more and the trip to Austria coming up I need all the help I can get. I'll let you know how I get on with it!

Common sense may seem to have flown out the window; but I made a committment to those kids and I have to live up to it come hail, rain or shine...

Wish me Luck!

Polly Peirce

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Jean said...

How funny. I know Basingstoke of old. Daneshill? But I went back there the other day and it's now a Tescos (what isn't?). That area though is my childhood stomping ground.

Polly Peirce said...

Too many coincidences, this is getting scary Jean!

Now I'm prompted to remember the town fondly instead of reflecting on the unhappiness felt at the time!

We lived on the other side of town in Lychpit near Old Basing, which is picturesque.

Maybe may next post could expose the nicer side of the town?