Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Polly Wisteria-ser

Well, did you try the quizz in my last post? Which type of Desperate Housewife are you?

As anyone who has been reading this blog might already have gathered by now I am a desperate housewife in a league of my own. I do not truly aspire to the dizzy heights of those lovely ladies in Wisteria Lane; but seeing as I came out as a Lynette type I must have something in common with them...

Last year saw me singing the praises of Fly Lady; whose books & timer I purchased. Regarding the publications they remind me very much of the Side Tracked Home Executive book which I read just after LB was born. They ought to as Fly Lady is spreading Pam and Sue's message across the globe; with their blessings, at this stage!

This is to say nothing about the tumble dryer vent cleaning kit that I am yet to use! A couple of years ago I got caught by one of the mail order book companies based down in Mountrath, Co Laois; I forgot to return a greatest household tips book and ended up paying an astronomical sum of money for it instead.

The truth be told; each of my erstwhile obsessions/disasters has proven to be very helpful in my quest to get organised; however, I am still a lousy housewife and at this stage I guess I probably always will be. The very best tip that I ever received regarding houswifeliness was to do with the ironing:

"If after ten minutes of wearing a garment, it really does look better when it has been ironed then it does need ironing! Otherwise just fold up or hang your dried clothing neatly and wear them without ironing; no one will notice the difference!"

What a life saver that one turned out to be. Okay, so maybe I have yet to get myself organised properly in terms of neatly folding/hanging and then putting away; but I am getting better. Honest! Well; I used to beat myself up, didn't I? I now realise that there is no point in doing that as it leads to further procrastination as I then have to lick my wounds and recover...!

My latest mentor Carmen Mirabella takes a slightly different approach from the others. She posts her tips on the website and sends out her newsletter; in fact she even offers reward for those of us lucky enough to be able to get our acts together for long enough to do a little marketing on her behalf. Now that is an incentive, isn't it?

Instead of bombarding us with e-mails by what seems like the thousand, The Household Helper just talks good sense and leaves the rest up to us. When I choose to I can just drop by her site for more inspirational pep talks or even purchase the odd inspirational sound sense e-book, in return she helps me get off the computer and actually put all the useful information gleaned over the years to use!

Meanwhile I am gathering the beginnings of bottom rust as I sit on my deep red comuter chair typing away. Actually I am kind of pleased with myself as I have noticed that a couple of my waist bands were loose recently, a loss of nearly half a stones worth of Easter chocolate frenzy! I must keep up with the portion control and stop buying chocolate to test for Vinca's-In-Tha-Kitchen!

Still, at least I am doing something positive while I am becoming chronically unfit in front of my computer! I have joined a couple of affiliate programmes and enrolled in a number of e-courses; all of which are desig
ned to help me make a few euro's while I languish the days away in my favourite spot. At least I'm getting exercise, ie my fingers!

Not only have I been playing with the idea of internet marketing, I have joined just about every on-line survey team. Hopefully I will either win prizes, money or earn a few credits in the form of Amazon Vouchers which I shall put towards the purchase of a new camera lens or maybe some more Le Creuset Cookware or a new Sabatier knife to play with; (see right.)

I suppose I'd better come back to the real world now and head off to my studio to make some of my Vinca Cards range of hand-made greetings cards. Like everything else in this world; it's good to dream but it also helps if you have a back-up plan...

Bye for now,

Polly Peirce

Purveyor of Lovely Irish Hand Made Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary

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