Monday, July 14, 2008

Polly's Crazy

Hi Everyone! Welcome Back!

At last; and finally my two week sojourn in the north west shores of Ireland are over. Having been very disorganised and slightly disheartened by the weather and the prospect of two weeks of camping; hot on the heels of a weekend Scout camp the family and I finally got moving and set off on our own adventure.

Admittedly there was so much that I could have done to make the preparation easier for us all; but after years of handling it all, my enthusiasm was dampened by several things and I found this all but impossible to do. Therefore it was very much a case of the whole family running around the house packing up our gear like headless chicken's. We eventually set off at around four thirty on Tuesday evening...

Ah, but it wasn't that simple; was it? With our motley collection of misfits it never is! Before we could pack up for our hols Polly had to unpack three rucksacs, ie from the Scout camp; thereby filling 3 laundry baskets which my Mom kindly emptied during our absence. St BJK to the rescue!

Assuming that each member of the travelling party had enough clean, dry clothes to last a fortnight and Mom, ie Me had enough medications for that time the rest of the packing was child's play. If only that were the case! Madame TilleyTwoTails, the rough collie sheepdog had to be delivered to her holiday home whereby she would become the object of the greyhounds affections. Monsieur Chocolat Le Chat (Tom Cat) dropped of to BJK complete with litter tray and an old angora cardigan of mine for comfort and finally FearowTheFerret had to be bathed, cleaned, fed and watered; all this prior to our setting out on our trip.

Fearow was boarding at San Martin Kennels where it turned out that the owner would be communicating to him in his native Lithuanian tongue, Fearow of course delighted in this; as neither of the boys or myself have this ability. San Martin Kennels is a slightly misleading name for the place; it would appear that the owner Liam Conway will train/accommodate just about any kind of animal.

The dog kennels alone take up over 150sq feet of space; and that's only the first one! We also spotted a cat, a rabbit, a number of exotic birds - one of whom; Mildred tried to tear my finger apart upon introduction. As one of my meds is known to thin the blood ever so slightly, poor Liam had to apply a number of sticky plaster's to stop the flow of blood! A great way to start the hols; or what?

Eventually, having made an emergency rush to the village; it was family allowance day, we set off further afield. This time we made it all the way into town; we'd decided to pick up a few essential items along the way, rather than risk not being able to purchase them when eventually we arrived at our destination. Last year proved just a little bit too challenging in this respect; resulting in our travelling for miles before being able to replace the quarter sized gas canister used for cooking! Oops...

DG took care of that particular chore; while Polly dashed from Credit Union to Insurance offices.
In each I waited patiently, all the while conscious of the fact that either might close at any moment; resulting in yet more hold-ups in my financial wheeling and dealing. So far the clock has been ticking for just under a year and my nerves couldn't hold any further problems... I am happy to report that all parties undertook incredible work on my part to wrap up this particular project. Following a farcical string of disasters; to date all seems to be going swimmingly. Phew!

And finally; we hit the road! By now it was heading for five thirty on Tuesday and the sense of relief was tangible. Each had completed a mind-boggling series of tasks designed to confound rather than assist; and here we were quite literally heading off into the sun-set on our two week break from reality. Even Gypsophillus seemed to be lighter in spirit than usual; after all it was less than a two hour drive to our first stopping point...

More later;

Polly Peirce

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