Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Polly's friend Jean

My friend Jean; who lives in France sent me a lovely e-mail the other day which made me laugh more than once. It's good to be able to laugh and I often do when I read her blog and the personal messages that we exchange from time to time.

On this occasion she was just letting me know that she had received a package that I'd sent her just a few days ago, ie on the twenty-fifth! Wow! Talk about service; back at home I was concerned with how long this might take. In the past the post has been slow...

Anyway, Jean was delighted with the contents of the package, which was wrapped in all manner of recyclables; including part of the local newspaper. The handmade cards went down well; thankfully and so did the scrumptious Origins 64 dark chocolate lozenges created by Lily O'Brien. Apparently there's an APB out on me as I am now interpols most wanted criminal! Death by Chocolate is still a crime in France...

Now once having recovered from the shock of actually receiving this package; which had been promised too long ago, Jean took herself off to her computer and wrote up a nice little post all about l'il ole ME! In doing this Jean showcased my handmade greeting cards and posted lots of lovely links to my ETSY shop where they can be purchased in individual cellophane envellopes.

Each of these cards is made individually by hand. I use traditional techniques such as dry embossing and rubber stamping. For a slightly slicker appearance I also use heat embossing which results in a delightful 3D raised effect on text or outlines of images stamped, giving a more proffessional appearance.

I also use papercrafted embellishments, ribbon, eyelets, poppers and several other materials to decorate my cards, which are coloured using watercolour paint and various other media. Pride is taken in the creation of my cards; with the intention of sharing my time with you so that you may share it with those you care about. I craft the Gift of Time.

Her favourite card is an embossed one of three dogs, their bones and the sentiment "Bad To The Bone..." As we are both dog owners this was inevitable. If you're lucky she might fill you in on the rest of the story about her dogs; which brought tears of laughter to my eyes...

Now, I have one tiny little problem. Over the next couple of weeks I am taking a sabbatical; the boys are finally off school together and eager to spend a bit of time chilling out in the wild west of Co Donegal in a tent! Any orders placed over this time will be attended to as soon as possibe; however service will be slower than usual.

All messages will be answered at my earliest opportunity, which might be sooner than later if I can get my laptop working properly in an area where it is difficult even to get a signal for my cell phone. Guys, this really is the back of beyond and I can't wait to get there...


Polly Peirce

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