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Carry-On-Scouting Starring Polly

For some strange reason because I started to write my most recent Polly On Snowboarding post before today, and even before Polly's Absence this post has been published chronologically on 14th August!

Following much ado and a lot of editing and photo-shopping I am pleased to announce that the said post is available at the following link! Please read and enjoy the ever expanding tales of my adventures with the 1st Tullamore Scout Troup. More apologies for the confusion caused by this...

Taking A Well Deserved Rest From Snowboarding At Dachstein

One interesting event that occurred was that of poor Tom The Piper's Son who fell off his bike on the way to Mattsee on the last day of our trip.

Apparently he'd tried to change gear and it had locked resulting in a massive graze to his elbow and a number of smaller grazes casually dotted around his poor body. Some of the other scouts would disagree that this is what actually happened; they say that he was cycling with no hands; however, only Tom knows the real truth.

Having come across the injured soul I administered first aid; as well as could be expected considering the proper first aid bag; normally stuffed into Tom's bag had already been packed away into the hold luggage in preparation for the evening's flight home. It's just typical that the one day Tom didn't have the bag with him he should need it!

Luckily I had the remains of a packet of elasto-plast plaster's in my day bag and a hydro colloid dressing for the really deep part of Tom's gash on the elbow. I cleansed the wounds first with the remains of my water bottle and borrowed a tissue from Bridgie to dry it with! I must admit that I was more concerned with the fact that he'd landed heavily on his outstretched thumb which was badly sprained but thankfully not broken. He could form an O with it; but not a fist or circle...

A five minute rest and a bit of TLC, combined with Arnica for bruising and Ignatia for shock saw the gentle giant back on his saddle and ready to go again. In the intense heat, with the additional exertion of cycling into the town Tom soon began to feel dizzy and his elbow started to leak clear fluid in profusion. So far all of this is fairly mundane and run of the mill; however, this is where the fun started!

Ms M, camp chief extraordinaire stopped off at the supermarket for a refreshing drink to revive the by now sorely flagging Tom Tom The Piper's Son when she spotted a member of the Red Cross. Having asked for nothing more than a plaster the red and white bedecked gentleman took them to his car and radioed for nothing less than an ambulance!

Poor Tom didn't know whether to laugh or cry; at this stage it hurt to do either. Bundled into the back of the Red Cross ambulance against his will; he then witnessed the farcical scene of a scout leader and several scouts frantically pedalling their bicycles trying to keep up with the blue lighted ambulance as it sped to the local hospital!

Some while later, sporting expertly applied shiny white dressing bandages; having been pronounced fit and healthy Tom became the hero of the hour. He found himself repeating the tale in between choking sounds as he giggled away to himself about the indignity of it all.

Tom Jumping Into The Deep

Not to be outdone Ms M, camp chief extraordinaire with ice-cream in hand was later accosted by a Red Cross employee at the local cafe/ice-cream parlour. Unaware of the fact that the E111 card merely enables the injured party to reclaim the cost of treatment from our local health authority Ms M, camp chief extraordinaire hadn't paid the bill! She was also be required to provide details of the injured party's passport, etc.

Needless to say discretion is the better part of valour, particularly where scouting is concerned. The bill was paid; a scene at the restful ice-cream parlour/cafe was averted and arrangements were made to provide the appropriate documents. Toms' bike was still at the supermarket; this had to be collected and we had to cycle the 1.5km back to the Scout Centre at Zelhoff. Ordinarily this wouldn't be too problematic, except that all of this had to be completed within an hour and a half...

Scout It is certainly a tale for the grand-children, isn't it? All the poor boy needed was a simple plaster and it ended up with him being carted away in an ambulance being chased by the 1st TullamoreTroup - on bicycles. It smacks of a Carry-On-Scouting starring The Von Trapp Family Scouts doesn't it?

Some Members Of The Carry-On-Scouting Von-Trapp Family Scout Troup!

Laugh? I nearly cried; well actually I did! Just as I was putting all the bicycles away and a member of the Zelhoff Team drove Bridgie back to the hospital with all the necessary documents and the boys were changing into their uniforms; it all got a bit too much for me! Tired, exhausted, stressed, hot, dehydrated and not looking forward to going home to lovely, lovely rainy Ireland. Who could blame me?

Still, after much ado about nothing really we made it in time for our coach and got to the airport in time. Following flight delays amounting to an hour and more our trip to Austria finally came to an end; without any more excitement...

So it's back to the grind and already I have three card making projects in hand. What better way to keep a girl on the straight and narrow?


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