Sunday, September 21, 2008

Polly's Body Shopping

Having been so pleased with my purchasing power so far, and the outstanding kindness of the lady over at Lily O'Brien's I found myself suddenly further inspired. I ventured into Newbridge's Whitewater shopping centre. Surely the multitude of stores would be able to help me with my plans for the forthcoming Midlands Bridal & Debs Exhibition next weekend?

As they say; the rest was history! My scent glands assailed by a sweet citrussy aroma; my emergence from the basement parking lot led me directly to the Body Shop. I didn't even think about it; somehow my feet just took me there of their own accord. I stuttered and stammered out the words wedding and gift to the sales woman; who miraculously figured out the rest of my unformed sentance for me.

Eventually I was gently dismissed so that she could create a hamper of my choosing without my watchful eyes distracting the work at hand. "Go get yourself a cup of tea..." she uttered; indicating that she would be twenty minutes or so, resulting in a trip to Marks & Spencer's.

For a supermarketM & S have won a number of surprising awards for the quality of their floral arrangements. Perhaps I would find my inspiration there? Actually, I was spoiled for choice and went away empty handed; bar a couple of low resolution camer phone snaps to ponder over. The grand plan is that BJK will collect anything decided upon next Friday while LB is at gymnastics! I am torn between single orchids or wax-flower...

Past experience tells me that I should check out the Irish Wedding Journals for inspiration. Maybe this is how I was able to enjoy a well deserved lie in on a Sunday morning. They sure were heavy; but they were definitly worth their weight in gold! Many euro's lighter and with aching blisters on my feet I returned to the Body Shop to collect the booty.

Being complemented on my appearance is always a blast, but when it is directed at my hair it is always a double boost for the ego. Having baby fine hair is a curse at the best of times, but I had had it restyled on Friday morning and already the heat in the shopping centre had caused it to flop. Out came my old faithful hair pin, with little more than a twirl I'd piled it up on the back of my hair and transformed myself into a different person altogether; and when a glamour puss of a sales assistant is nice enough to notice it does work wonders...

What's more, I got a free gift which I will also offer as an incentive to my potential clients at the Bridal Exhibition.

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