Sunday, September 21, 2008

Polly's Panic

I think that the best way to describe this distracted-ness would be as PANIC! Last Thursday I found myself enacting a vague plan that had been developing somewhere in the back of my conscious mind for a while now. Somehow I managed to enrol my services at a local Bridal & Deb's Exhibition! To make matters worse it is next weekend...

The result was an action plan being thrown into action almost immediately. A visit to my local old-fashioned haberdashery store was a matter of priority. Thank God that in my previous incarnation I have experience of working a trade stand at one of the largest annual shows in the country; at least I have that much to fall back on!

Armed with ribbons and bows, metres of shiny lining material to coordinate with my business cards etc, tulle to emulate the bridal veil and bring things together a visit to my favourite florist was next in order. To be honest, I left a little downhearted and clueless regarding my choice of flowers for my table. Simple, stylish and tasteful are the order of the day, preferably without huge cost involved either...

By Friday evening my worst dreams had come through. Despite all the work ahead of me I found myself back on the road to Newbridge; delivering LB to his gymnastic class. The class is not the problem; it's the time, the distance and the likelihood of me spending money I haven't got on yet more craft materials!

This time was different, having dropped LB off at the Curragh Army Camp; I took myself down to my favourite chocolate destination which is Lily O'Brien's factory shop. Here I discovered much to my embarrassment that I had rudely barged past the receptionist in order to buy myself ten minutes browsing time. The poor woman was propping up the main door while talking to a young man; and to be honest I'm surprised I didn't s
end them both flying!

The urgency which led me to forget my manners lies in the fact that the shop
closes at 5.30pm on the dot and this was my last chance to buy some of their beautiful goodies before the show. Thankfully it seems that I was forgiven; the inner door was unlocked and I was allowed to peruse and sample to my hearts content.

During that time I picked up four reasonably priced boxes of Lily's delights; all wrapped up in just the right shades of purple/claret and a ton of choc's to give away at my table next weekend. In fact; the young woman who served me went to extraordinary lengths to fulfil my hopes.

The end result of my shopping was certainly better than I had hoped for and so far it was affordable! This is where things start to go downhill...

Polly Pierce

Wedding Stationary & Greeting Card Maker

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