Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help Required Urgently - I've Been Tagged!

About a month ago I was tagged by a lovely lady called Minna. Her blog is about her hobbies; it is much more so than my blog is as I have a tendency to ramble all over the place. Somehow Minna manages to keep more or less to the point...

Anyway, as I was saying Minna tagged me; and what did I do? Nothing! I must admit that I am a little ashamed of myself and can only offer my profuse apologies and the excuse that things, as regular readers will have realised by now have been just a little bit hectic. So, without further ado I am going to list the six random things about myself which some of you might not already know about me.

  1. I was refused a place to do my nurse training on the grounds that I wasn't sufficiently qualified! Since then I have completed my training and worked at many of the most prestigeous hospitals in Europe - without undertaking extra entrance qualifications!!!!
  2. I once won the regional finals of The Young Home Economist of The Year. It was a long time ago!
  3. I learned how to drive a car at the age of 29!
  4. About seven years ago I reached my goal weight at WW and became a life time member.
  5. I am relatively proficient at DIY and what's more; I enjoy it!
  6. Until two years ago I couldn't eat oatmeal. Now I eat it regularly!
The next part of being tagged is a little more difficult for me as I don't want to keep tagging the same people time after time. Many of my on-line friends have already been tagged in several other challenges of the same nature; so I don't think that it's fair to keep on doing it...

The rules of this challenge are very simple; here they are:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

So here goes, I'll be tagging some folk who will probably never have heard of me, despite the fact that I have been following them online for a while now!

So; now that I've managed to think of six crafter's to tag I hope that I have fulfilled the rules of this fun challenge and that you've enjoyed reading this post.

I do intend to write a proper post or two and make up for lost time in the very near future, honest(;) ...

Polly Pierce


Jak said...

Thanks Polly, I found you at last lol!
I'm going to greatfully accept the tag but I won't be adding it to my blog, I had to make a concious decission not to addd more awards or tags by request of my readers. But I am honoured that you thought of me.

Polly Peirce said...

Thanks for that Jak!

I can truly understand why you have taken this decision. Thanks for being nice enough to let me know about it.

It can be difficult to complete any sort of a challenge without it interfering with the blog itself, can't it?

It's nice to hear from you regardless! Here's to many more exchanges in the future...