Thursday, September 4, 2008

Polly's So Lucky!

Aside from being very busy recently I have also been pretty lucky, in so far as I found out yesterday that I have won another prize. Yes, another prize! I just hope that this run of luck keeps coming; as I have got lots of fingers in lots of pies that I am working on at the moment and a little good luck would go a long way to making these projects the success that I am hoping...

Enough of my meandering and back to the subject in hand; my prize is two tickets to attend a Gala Concert by The Dublin Concert Band. The band, who are celebrating their own golden jubilee; ie fifty years in existence are putting on a show in Dublin at the National Concert Hall on Thursday 9th October 2008 at 8pm.

This concert promises to be a fantastic event with music from Dublin Concert Band spanning the last 50 years and the combined voices of The Cameron Singers, Dublin, the Mullingar Choral Society and the Ulysses Chamber Choir, Dublin. Further details can be found on the bands website; while sound bites of their new CD can be found here.

Now at this stage I have to say that this is well and truly up my alley. Born in the North of England it appears that the sound of brass is floating around amongst all my other genes. I have always loved the big band's and also the more traditional brass bands associated with the collieries of my childhood.

The last time I remember attending such a performance was at least thirty years ago. The Syd Lawrence Orchestra came to town, and performed in the town hall for a few nights. If I remember correctly I queued for a while after a stunning performance and met the band leader himself.

Unfortunately I was never really an ardent autograph collector and as a result have lost evidence of this grand occasion; and also meeting the great Sir Harry Corbet and pals Sooty, Sweep and Sue! A more embarassing admission is that I once had the autograph of another famous Sir Harry; and was even a paid up member of his fan club! For those who haven't already guessed who it is click here for the answer!

The important thing is that I still have my memories of such cherished events and am now lucky enough to be looking forward to repeating the experience thanks to Hazel Manders of Me Me Me Luxury Hampers. As this is going to be a trip down memory lane I have invited my Mom, BJK to come with me; it somehow seems more appropriate that way. Although I haven't spoken to DG about this yet; (I will, I promise!) I just don't think that it'd be his cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, wouldn't it be nice if we were to finish the evening off by stopping off at Leo Burdock's for some more good old fashioned fare; ie fish and chips out of newspaper (BYO!), with a slice of bread and butter and a thermos flask of nice hot tea? Ooh; my taste buds are watering at the very thought of it...

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Polly Pierce
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Enjoy - ooooh, I am envious.