Friday, September 12, 2008

Polly Mounts Kilimanjaro

So, I was right! The uploading speed of things is so much better than before and while there is obviously a short time before it is completed I can go to the loo and make myself a cup of tea in the full knowledge that it should be finished before my return. Phew!

It is also much easier to find things generally. Considering the difficulty I have had with the number of short cuts leading nowhere in particular it has become increasingly impossible to find even the simplest of pictures. I have now given most of the anonymous images a name! I now just need to sort out my cards into categories; which is going to be a task of huge proportions...

So; along with the promised baking session(still outstanding), the card making session (partly completed) and the preparation of meals it looks as though I am going to be a very busy bunny this weekend. Still; that's good isn't it? It is a shame; then that despite my cyber efforts at tidying my place, the bricks and mortar still leave a lot to be desired. If Aggie and Kim were to pay me an unplanned visit I think I would die...

I have already reached the half way point on Mount Kilimanjaro in what I call the scullery; though I'm beginning to think that the altitude of the clean laundry awaiting attention is such that oxygen equipment will soon be needed. In a little over a week I have used over a litre of Ecover laundry liquid and am on my way to using the second half; this is despite the fact that I also use Eco-Balls. Eco-Balls can be used in place of detergent, but are probably best reserved for 'clean' washing, ie that which isn't smeared in grease, diesel or slurry!

Maybe now that I've sorted out that particular list of tasks to be completed I will be able to spend more time spreading my attention generously around some of the other many and varied tasks awaiting. One day I'll catch up with everything else!

Wish me Luck!

Polly Pierce


Lorna said...

glad to hear I'm not the only one with a scullery like that!

Polly Pierce said...

It's shameful, isn't it? People seem to think that we have all the time in the world; just because we are working at home, don't they?