Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Polly Successfully Used Envelope

On a completely different tack altogether I was tidying away my waste paper for the recycling bin; which is being collected today. Along with various other treasures this list written on the back of an envelope caught my eye;

  1. Deciding that I want to make Greeting Cards for a living
  2. Teaching myself to make Greeting Cards
  3. Creating a website
  4. Maintaining a website
  5. Crating a blog
  6. Writing a blog
  7. 26/30 Google entries for Polly Pierce relate to me
  8. Fulfilling my first card order on time
  9. Being a full time Mum
  10. Living through my life to see 2008
While not an exhaustive list, it was obviously written some time around the new year. Unfortunately while the post mark on the envelope wasn't much help; it was franked, the slogan on the front reads"Make it a GREAT 2008!" So we must deduce that it was either late last year or early this year; eat your heart out Poirot!

Either way I went through this list and ticked each line off today; reflected on the changes that have taken place during the intervening months. Despite a tendency for putting things off I have done so much and should be proud of myself. This year, 2008 hasn't been wasted either; seeing big changes in my attitude to Vinca Cards and the potential for success in this area.

Maybe 2009 will find me checking off another such list wondering what I was so afraid of? Will I be checking the box which says that I personally managed to recruit another Scout Leader for the Tullamore troup? Or maybe I'll be sifting through the comments section realising that there are kindred spirits amongst my readers who took my message to heart and decided to share a few hours with the community?

Do you have similar lists of achievements; or hopes and aspirations? Do write in and let me know. We are already three quarters of the year through and now is the time to start planning for 2009...

Polly Pierce

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