Sunday, September 21, 2008

Polly Distracted!

Once upon a time; when I was a little younger and my feet were still painful every single day, I asked a member of staff the most inappropriate question possible. Within moments I realised that it was unfair of me to expect her to answer me; despite reassurances that I would not take it personally regardless of what she said.

The question itself smacked of my own insecurities as a manager; and frankly should never have been asked. When pressed my colleague reluctantly told me that at times I was a little "distracted!" Being true to myself; this hit me like a ton of bricks. Had I been told that I was a terrible manager it would have armed me with the knowledge to improve my skills in whichever area I was lacking.

Being described as "distracted" however came as a bolt out of the blue. Its vagueness told me little more than I already suspected; which was that my increasingly ailing health was beginning to interfere with my ability to concentrate on the job in hand. It also told me that my colleague was also unwilling to offend me or hurt my sensibilities any more than she absolutely had to. These words came from the mouth of one of the most forthright people I have ever met in my entire career which spans over twenty years and more!

I suppose I should be grateful for her sensitivity toward my needs. This lassie was not one to mince her words and yet somehow she managed to steer me on the right track, regardless. Today however I can hear the words echoing through my mind; over and over again. I am so terribly distracted from what I should be doing right now; this time my pain is not physical rather psychological!

It is time for my to take another huge leap of faith and to come out of my comfort zone. For so long now I have been treating Vinca Cards as more of a hobby than a business; but as of last Thursday that day is over. My new motto is that "if I treat it like a business; it will behave like one!"

When finally I completed my rounds of the town I treated myself to a long & strong 'Americano' at Chocolate Brown; and relaxed over the latest issue of the local newspaper. What happened next has led to a series of events that are beginning to snowball; life events over the past couple of days have led to a degree of dis tractability! And once more the famed words of my erstwhile colleague ring aloud...

Polly Pierce

Greeting Card & Wedding Stationary Diva

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