Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrupulous Polly

Boys, oh boys! What a day I've had. For starter's I didn't go to bed until some ridiculous time after 4am this morning. Having been advised by a number of IBW's, I decided to create a brand new VINCA Cards Wedding Album at very short notice leaving me exhausted and sleep deprived this morning.

Thank goodness Ms T turned up with caffeine, wax flower and a bundle of energy to actually place the new range of cards properly on the album pages for me. How I'd have managed without her goodness only knows...

The inexpensive satin covered volume of off-white leaves and tissue interleaving really fit the bill and set everything off beautifully. In the cool light of day I was able to stand back and congratulate myself on the humongous achievement of last night. More importantly; almost all of todays visitor's and some of the exhibitor's did so too. Talk about good for the ego!

Do you remember my slightly neurotic post of earlier this week? The one where I thrashed out my anxieties about this weekends Midland Bridal & Debs Exhibition ? I am so pleased to be able to report that the event has huge potential and was extremely impressive. Ms Yvonne Delaney of Linzdel Bridal Fashions certainly knows how to wow the crowd.

Despite a somewhat pricey entrance fee of €15.00; parking was provided F.O.C. with a complimentary shuttle bus ferrying visitors to the castle every five minutes. Admittedly the Honeymoon & Wedding Show at the RDS is only €12, but when you chalk up the cost of all the stress and additional expense of travelling to the venue, finding parking and then paying for it I think visitors to The Midland Bridal & Debs Exhibition are quids in. Frankly; this was a stroke of genius on Yvonne's part and she is to be congratulated for it.

The exhibition itself was small but splendid. With two florists, two bridal & debs gown suppliers who put on a spectacular catwalk show, candle engraving artist, accessories and jewellery suppliers, make up and hair artists, wedding dj's, fabulous cake supplier's, men's formal outfitter's, ladies formal wear outfitter's, wedding venue organisers, chauffeur's, photographer's, videographer's and even a fortune reader; who could possibly want for more? Apparently, the fine folks of Tullamore!

I think it is just a case of unfortunate timing, ie the event in the RDS this weekend; and a similar affair at a local hotel last week. It was certainly a fine day outside and that always has a deleterious effect on these things; despite the fact that there was a food court and entertainment provided for the children. But why; I have been asked, for the children? Go figure!

Personally; I have acquired a number of contacts, ie potential clients and also provider's of wedding services, so I am relatively happy. Not only that I survived the day; without a hitch. Excepting the fact that one of my fellow exhibitor's rudely borrowed one of my props without so much as a by-your-leave!

To 'borrow' this item the perpetrators of this ill deed had to nip in behind my display, remove a huge cushion from one of the armchairs that I'd purloined for the two days; all of which was labelled with a note asking them not to do so! If you'll excuse the language; they've got a bloody cheek!

Anyway; I know who the perpetrators are, but they don't know that I know who they are! The last laugh however; is on them. I found a voucher in a tiny bag of handmade truffles at the time of my discovery. For one third of the normal cost of a sample wedding dinner, (ie only €29.00) it will mean a nice day out and lunch for two next Sunday. The venue? An exclusive location; which will for the sake of decency remain unnamed! At least one of us has scruples...

Did I mention the fact that I have no intention of getting married?

Heh, heh, heh!

Polly Pierce
Vinca Cards


Lorna said...

Revenge can be sweet!!

Glad you had a good time at the show and that you got some good potential sales and contacts.

Polly Pierce said...

It's good fun, isn't it? I actually missed the opportunity to tackle the lady about it, but I will in a light hearted way next Sunday! A little bit of banter never goes amiss, does it?