Friday, September 26, 2008

Polly Hard At Work

Just in case anyone was wondering; today is the final day of preparations for The Midland Bridal & Debs Exhibition. I ought to be finishing the odds and ends that I haven't yet got around to; and yet for some inexplicable reason I decided to get some breakfast.

"An army doesn't march on an empty stomach..." I wonder if anyone told these guys that? I just discovered this new poster for the IWA08 and thought I would share it with you...

This is just in case anyone reading my blog isn't aware of The Irish Web Awards coming up in the very near future, ie October 11th at the Radison SAS Royal Hotel, Dublin. Two of my cyber pals have been short listed; Darina Loakman for The Best Podcaster Award and Deborah Hadley for The Best E-Commerce and also for The Most Beautiful Website in Ireland.

So that's it folks; my healthy breakfast of granary bread toasted, buttered and smeared with Nutella is officially over and so is my mug of tea. This means that it's nose back to the grind-stone or maybe the keyboard; either way it's work!

This time I have got to print out my price lists, order forms, quotation forms, terms of business and name tags. I know that it seems a bit late for me to be doing this; but if you had peeked behind the screen you would have found me revamping all my stationary yesterday. A last minute check resulted in a decision which hopefully brings Vinca Cards stationary into the 21st Century...

Wish Me Luck; please! And don't forget to come visit my table at The Midlands Bridal & Debs Exhibition at Charleville Castle, Tullamore on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm - 6pm; it promises to be "The Wedding Event of The Year!"

Polly Pierce
Hand Made Wedding Stationary & Greeting Cards

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