Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Polly BNI

Heaven help us all; I've just noticed that this is my 211th post since 21st September 2007! I nearly put 2008 there; in which case that would have been some going; wouldn't it? A bit like smoking a hundred cigarettes in a day; with no time for anything else...

Actually that is a little bit of how I feel at the moment. For the past couple of nights I have been taking my magic night-time tablets in duplicate, ie doubling the dose; plus one of the pretty little pink tablets. The combination is guaranteed to make me sleep the sleep of the dead, which after last week I am in dire need of.

Anyone who knows me well enough would be aware of the effects of a condition known as Fibromyalgia/ME. Basically it is a chronic pain/fatigue condition which can be reasonably well controlled with the use of certain medications and lots of early nights. Hmmmm... if only life were that easy!

Last Thursday morning saw lil ole me rising early; I mean early:- at 06.10am. That's right! Ten past six in the morning saw me opening my eyes and turning off the alarm before it had a chance to wrench anyone else from their beauty sleep. It was a bit of a shock to the system, I can tell you; as normally I am just about able to get up in time to deliver LB to school on time with breakfast in his tummy and a packed lunch.

So anyway, I was up, showered and dressed before six thirty and arrived at the Days Hotel in Tullamore in plenty of time for a 6.45am breakfast meeting of the Offaly (I can't remember how to spell it as Gaeilge) Chapter of BNI. For anyone unfamiliar with BNI; it is an international business networking group which works to promote each others businesses in a formal and focussed way. The intials stand for Business Network International.

From what I understand having conducted some research on the internet and various business groups I belong to BNI was established in the US in 1983(?) and has since spread worldwide. Business referrals of astronomical proportions have been generated by this group in the interim and my local branch invited me along to see what it was all about. Without further ado I will report that the meeting was interesting and went well.

Despite the annual fees I am convinced that membership will bring far greater advantages to my Vinca Cards business than my subscription to which would have been double the price per annum. I'll be up again tomorrow at the crack of dawn; to visit the Offaly BNI Chapter for my second meeting; if last weeks was anything to go by it should be fairly lively.

I dare say that I should retire early to bed this evening and leave the pretty pink tablet out of my night-time cocktail. If I'm going to rise with the sparrows tomorrow it's going to have to be a few pages of Dracula followed by lights out at ten o'clock...

More about my exploits over the past week tomorrow; I have to find LB's leotard (again!) & collect him from school in just ten minutes time! Eek!

Bye for now;

Polly Pierce
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jean said...

I thought of you today when I came across this link:

You may have tried magnets already. I started using them for tendonitis (I know, not quite the same pain problem at all) I'd been going to the physio for 9 months and it was no better at all. I put on a magnetic bracelet (recommended by a physio friend who also works with horses and uses them on the horses) and within weeks the tendonitis had improved and in a couple of months had completely gone. I must add that I was still going to the physio. Coincidence? Maybe but I haven't taken it off since and I have not had tendonitis since - which I am prone to due to lots of tennis and, of course, upholstery. Anyway, it works for me!

Polly Pierce said...

Hi Jean! It's funny that I was only thinking about you earlier and then you pop up with the magnetic thing!

I did try magnetic insoles right back at the beginning, well half way before I jacked work in! Strangely enough they did seem to work for a while until the soles of my feet became so sensitive I couldn't bear the pressure of all the tiny little magnets digging into them. Psychosomatic? Probably!

I must dig them out and give them another go; thanks for reminding me... Px

Up The Garden Path said...

If it works you could always invest in a bracelet. Mine has two magnets - one on top and one underneath the wrist. I never take it off.