Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Polly Can Breathe


You know what? I just don't know where the last week has gone. From this day last week I have been through so many incarnations of myself; I'm beginning to loose track. However; if you read through this post aloud and don't stop for breath; you might just begin to feel the way I am right now...

Since I wrote my post about BNI; I have been hyper enthused and ready for anything; including work which I've taken on board on a trial basis for a lady who shall remain nameless! I am hoping that she’ll give me a reference for the networking group! That was Thursday; and it was a long day which left me very tired.

Friday was back to the grind; I did a few bits; applied for a couple of affiliate programmes and caught up with some of my e-courses and then it was time to collect LB from school. Preparing for an evening session at the Curragh Army Camp Gymnasium is always a good way to wind up the working day; racing around the house searching for LB's leotard and shorts has always been a favourite...

LSG Supporter's Club was holding its AGM at 7.30pm. I had a couple of hours to kill and the traffic coming out of Newbridge was mayhem. I took up occupation in the canteen, overlooking the Army swimming pool and wished I could have jumped in; I could do with the exercise. I'd hopped up onto the digital scales in the gym and was shocked to discover that the muscle bound private weighed in at just one kilo heavier! Grrrrh!

Two cups of coffee and a slow start later the meeting was in full swing. After fund raising; one of the largest issues for contention was the fact that the chair was stepping down and nobody was willing to step into the role. Foolishly Polly here stuck her oar in and ended up being nominated for the post! The good news is that I will not doing it alone; the chair is now a sofa and the post will be shared with Joanne; who is eminently suitable, but is also over committed. Hopefully; we will follow in our predecessor’s footsteps and continue to make a difference to the club.

Saturday saw me blogging for LSG Supporter's Club and catching up with my e-courses and correspondence. Oh, and I managed to make dinner at a half reasonable hour for a change! Got the kids off to bed early and snuggled up on the sofa with my man and a glass or two of Spanish red wine.

Sunday! My day off saw me being treated to a cooked breakfast/brunch by BB - which really is a treat! Then at around twelve thirty, I headed off to my monthly Craft Group Meeting/Crop at Day's Hotel in New Main Street where I learned how to produce a mini-book using some lovely Basic Grey papers. My Mum thinks it's an abomination, but hey; I didn't do it for her! So there; nhhh...

Admittedly the combination of colours is more in the contrast than co-ordination vein, combining blues, oranges and browns with ribbons, buttons and butterflies to beat the band. It mightn’t be my kind of thing but I am still pleased with myself. After all I completed a mini-scrapbook album to store some of my precious pics in; or maybe send it to the boys Grandmother over in the UK for her birthday; either way it’s not for BJK! Not after her rude remarks about it anyway!

Monday brought the usual routine of run around the house like a headless chicken before heading into town to do DG's banking for him and collect my usual order of organic fruit and veg from the Toyota garage. It's a strange combination, I know; but it works and we eat healthily! Having eaten a scrumptious roast pork dinner with lots of Crackling; lovingly prepared by my Mom, BB and I embarked on the usual excursion into the Scout Den via the girls’ house. The meeting was a great success, our new leader Mr B went over the basics of erecting one of our old fashioned canvas tents and we made sure everyone knew about the camp at the weekend. Sure what could go wrong? Well, I forgot to take my magic tabs and one of the Dad's was very late collecting his kids; but otherwise? Nothing at all!

Tuesday, saw a meeting of the fledgling North Offaly Dyslexia Group at the Midwae Hotel in Daingean and before I knew it the day was half gone. The basic aim of our group will be to provide additional support to the sufferers of Dyslexia in the form of workshops and educational support. To do this we need to raise funds, public awareness and members from nil. A good start is that The Tullamore Court Hotel has sponsored a public meeting which is to be held on November 18th at 7.30pm. We also have the support of OAK – an organisation who support local community causes, such as our group, youth clubs and so on. Hopefully we should drum up some interest; especially when the local media is involved and posters and invitations have been distributed.

After all that I had about an hour to print out some cards and cut them to size. Throw in a couple of chores as well and that time goes very quickly! LB is terrified of spiders; which left me to bring in fuel for the fire; while he expertly cut a spud or two for chips. Meanwhile, I defrosted and incinerated some discounted breaded chicken fillets from Tesco’s. It was my turn to do the Cub run; so I ate my dinner on the trot while preparing food for the two older ‘boys’.

Once having delivered the children to their meeting I had a whole hour and a half to relax; taking it easy for a change! I believe I managed to read all of three pages of Dracula; each punctuated by the sound of Cubs having fun in the adjacent hall; I’ll probably re-read them tonight!

And so the circle turns. Today is Wednesday and thank heavens BJK is doing the gymnastics run tonight. I might get to catch up on a couple of things I have neglected during the week and get to bed early tonight in preparation for tomorrows BNI meeting at 06.45am! How fast time spins by…

Wish me a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s early start!

Polly Pierce

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Lorna said...

And I thought my week was busy!

Sounds like you decided to join BNI, hope you get lots of business and business knowledge from it.

Polly Pierce said...

Thanks Lorna! To tell you the truth I did just that! That's not to say that I'm not nervous about it; because I am, however I think the potential for business referrals & growth outweigh my petty neuroses... Finger's Crossed!

Up The Garden Path said...

Blimey - that's it. I'm off to bed; I too tired now!