Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Polly's Wedding List

Making lists is one of those things that women are particularly good at. At stressful times; for example the run-up to Christmas, moving house and even doing the weekly shop lists are invaluable.Perhaps the most important list in a woman's life is the one that helps here through the count down to her wedding day? Let's face it, folks, there is so much to remember during this exciting time. Just one slip-up could have disastrous consequences; which is why most of us start planning our wedding's months or even years in advance.

There are countless volumes of wedding advice, speeches, lists, etc available readily from your local book store, on line from wedding planners and let's not forget all those concerned friends. Literally everyone has their own slant on how your Wedding Day should be organised.

Personally, the only advice I offer to anyone is that which they have asked for; apart from this take your time, don't rush into making any decisions and remember that it is your day, ie you and your intended. The only other thing I would say is that it is a very emotive subject and remember this when making decisions that will affect the rest of your lives...

Try and enjoy this exciting time; it can be fun and when the big day has come and gone don't be surprised if you find yourself wondering what to do next! You get so used to list making, ticking and marking the items of one list and adding them to another that when you no longer have this to keep you on the straight and narrow it comes as a complete surprise...

Have fun and remember it's your day!

Polly Pierce

Purveyor of Fine Hand Made Irish Wedding Stationary & Greeting Cards

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