Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Polly's Charleville Castle Experience

Considering the magnificence of this Gothic castle, nestling amongst ancient oak woods and magical history; this was the perfect venue for such a romantic and elegant affair. What's more, I left Charleville Castle on Sunday evening with high hopes and a handful of contacts in the wedding industry who no doubt will prove to be useful in the future.

I didn't expect to take any orders for Wedding Stationary last weekend; despite having taken with me a cash box, float and receipt book, I anticipated little and I gained more! I did however take along a simple comb bound guest book; which my son BB had hurriedly printed out for me the previous evening.

Vinca Cards Table Midland Bridal & Debs Exhibition 2008 Web Pic

In doing so I had the perfect excuse to ask my visitors to give me their contact details; allowing me to get in touch and thank them for taking the time to check out my collection of wedding stationary.

I spent my time chatting to each party accordingly, making little one's laugh and teasing HTB's (ie husband's to be) was the order of the day. I also had copious quantities of Lily O'Brien's delicious chocolates; laid out on a doily covered metal plate for my guests to sample!!!! Bribery works; most of the time!

Yesterday, having partly recovered from the weekends events; this takes a while due to the Fibromyalgia/ME, I compiled a contact list from my Guest book. Those visitors who had kindly given me their e-mail addresses were sent a thank you note and invited to visit; and maybe join my Vinca Cards website and already I have one new member! I am ecstatic!!!!

Those ladies who neglected to give me their e-mail addresses will receive a typed copy of the thank you e-mail that I circulated yesterday and/or a text message to the same effect. Strike while the iron's hot!

Aside from the business related stuff associated with the Midland Bridal & Debs Exhibition; I really enjoyed it. I met some lovely people; shared a glass or two of wine and a cup of coffee with them, made new friends and walked away on cloud nine. I'd received so many compliments about my Wedding Stationary that all my anxieties simply vanished.

I even met one of my neighbours; for the first time in twelve years!!!! My postal address cover's a large area and video-grapher Danny Campbell lives just up the road from me. I discovered that Paula Sheridan; the candle engraving artist is also a theatre nurse; just like me!!!

I hope that you clicked onto Paula's Flickr-stream slide show; as it does give you a great idea of how beautiful the venue was and showcases her lovely candles. Just in case you're reading this Paula; thanks a million for the beautiful one you gave me, which will take pride of place at future exhibitions!

I do hope that each and every one of the visitor's to The Midlands Bridal & Debs Exhibition had a good time and left armed with new idea's for their big days. As I said before, it's an exciting time which should be enjoyed...

...I enjoyed every second of it and am now looking forward to doing my next one!!!

Polly Pierce

Purveyor of Handmade Irish Wedding Stationary & Greeting Cards

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