Monday, November 3, 2008

Polly's Para-Normal

Last Friday, amid stomach cramps and abdominal tenderness with bloating found me preparing for the adventure of a lifetime. It was Friday 31st October, aka Hallowe'en and boy was it cold!

The previous Saturday I had been inveigled into rampaging through the Greyhound Stadium in Mullingar wearing a pair of pink spangely fluffy bunny ears, strangely enough they went very well with my angora thermal long john's. Afterwards our intrepid coach driver brought our party of reveller's back to Tullamore and deposited us at the recently renovated Loughrey's Pub & Club in the High Street.

It was at some time after this that yours truly picked a dare card from the stag and was noticed to be fulfilling her obligation rather loudly on top of one of the tables in our railed off area of the club. Luckily the charming young bouncer took kindly to the old hag making a fool of herself and helped me down from my perch...

True, we all had a good time; although the stags did take over for a time, leaving the hen to the tender mercies of the chief bridesmaid who was rather more interested in puffing on her cigarettes in the smoking area than looking after her charge. This of course is where things started to get interesting as the stags chatted up the hens; under the watchful eye of the bride to be. Thankfully her night really got going once deposited at the door of the night club; this is where the guys settled down for the night leaving her to strut her funky stuff on the dance floor.

Normally I don't go with the idea of a mixed hen/stag party. It's a recipe for potential disaster that really should be avoided by all but the closest of friends; luckily we got away with it last weekend. The result? A dickie tummy, nausea, empty purse and an invitation to attend a paranormal investigation of Charleville Castle in Tullamore, Co Offaly; what more could a girl Scout ask for?

Just to give you a taste of what happened why not follow the famous Most Haunted team through their experiences in the same place?

The episode is followed through five different videos submitted to YouTube; have a good look at it and then try not to laugh! Our experience's in this magical place couldn't be more different...

Polly Pierce

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