Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Polly's Baby Sleeps In A Bag?

This is for anyone who is still looking for ways to keep out of yesterday's doghouse this Christmas! To be honest it is a video of TV3's Ireland AM show featuring a number of great gift idea's; however, the real reason I am posting it here is so that you can have a look at one of Amanda Webb's all organic Feelgood Hamper's which are one of the featured items. There's nothing quite like seeing something in the flesh, but seeing them on TV is definitely the next best thing...

I met Amanda a couple of years ago now, at a networking event held by the Offaly, Laois & Nth Tipperary County Enterprise Boards. Margaret Farrell; who is currently co-ordinating the Network group for Offaly CEB tipped me off the very first time I met her; advising me to take loads of business cards with me.

From that one meeting came away with a variety of contacts, some of whom seem to have leapt from stage to stage and appear to be promoting very successful business ventures indeed. I got my very first order from that event; which gave me the confidence to continue the journey I'd just begun.

Amanda from Feelgood Hamper's was one of the contacts I made there. In promoting her range of totally organic hamper's this lady really caught my imagination; especially considering that she was the only one specialising in organic gift hampers in Ireland. To be honest, I suspect that she still is!

Unfortunately I didn't have the confidence; or the wherewithal, to assure her that many of the material used in my cards is either recycled or reused. It's not unusual to find the occasional piece of newsprint hidden amongst the flowers on them! I have since managed to find a supplier of reycled cardstock, with whom I intend to hook up in the near future...

Regardless, I've been watching Feelgood Hamper's; all the time wishing I had a good enough excuse to purchase some of their lovely goodies. Sadly I don't have too many friends whose over-riding passion is the environment and therefore had no reason to indulge my purse; that is until recently!

I purchased one of the most practical gifts available to new mum's through Feelgood Hamper's; an Organic Baby Sleeping Bag. At this time of the year these little gems are an essential part of the nursery; not only are they an attractive accessory it has a very practical purpose which is keeping babies snug after all they do have a nasty tendency to kick their blankets off don't they?

All I can say about Feelgood Hamper's is that the range of goods they offer is great; but the service is even better! What's more, my friend received her gift within two days of despatch and was absolutely delighted...

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