Friday, January 23, 2009

Polly Loves Welsh Cider!

When I originally wrote this post; over on Polly's Peri-Wrinkle's & Piercing's! it was a follow on from my previous post. In it I explained how I'd made a particularly troublesome personalised Birthday Card for a gentleman of 50, who loves Arsenal FC and is trying to give up Cider! It was prompted by a friend of mine who asked to see the result of my endeavour's.Sadly she was disappointed.

Realising that being organised is necessary for any entrepreneur and self promoter; having forgotten to take a photo of it prior to delivering the same card (only six months early!) I gave a detailed report of what I had done. This involved a lovely photo of a pint of Cider being poured expertly into a glass; as a result I followed on with another photo and a cider anecdote from the Autumn of my childhood!

Only after I had published did I realise that it probably should have been posted over here on Vinca's In Tha Kitchen - considering the nature of the post! So click on the link and find out all about my Mom's misadventure's...


Polly Pierce

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