Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polly Love's (Welsh) Cider

Good Heaven's! After all that hard work (referred to in my last post) you'd think I could at least have treated myself to a nice glass of cider; served at room temperature, wouldn't you?

Well the sad fact is that over here in the Emerald Isle we are a nation of Guinness drinker's. Well, actually we like bottled American lager's too and some have even been spotted drinking what purports to be 'cider'. To be fair; our nations nationally distributed local cider is Bulmer's, which isn't half bad. To be accurate; this does mean that it is only half good!

Cider is very much an acquired taste. As a youngster I used to drink a non-alcoholic beverage called Cidona; we used to think we were very grown up slugging away on our glass 'cider' bottles and couldn't wait until the day that we could legally taste the real thing. In public at least! Hmmmh...

Bulmer's Cider (known as Magner's Cider in the UK) is the epitome of sweet, yellow and fizzy. Compared with the stuff my Mom used to make, in those halcyon days of yore it tastes more like the kiddies version of the real thing, like many a commercial cider. Like many SAHM's (stay at home Mom's) my Mom has dabbled in many a form of crafting; including making the best use of nature's harvest in the form of wine and cider making.

What my Mum used to produce bore a distinct semblance to minestrone soup after the dishes had been washed in it, minus the carrots! It was cloudy cider indeed, with a thick sediment that could almost have been smeared on a slice of toasted bread and floated on the top of the next consignment of crushed apples for a week or two. Perhaps she could even have doubled up to make a decent batch loaf with it?

Welsh Cider Originally uploaded by
Orchard Gold Welsh Cider: As featured in my last post!©Areopagus

Although neither parent would drink my Mom's Cider themselves, it packed enough of a punch to ensure a steady supply of gentlemen suitor's for their only daughter's attention's. All this took place within the four square walls of the stone cottage fondly referred to as home; while under the strict supervision of my Mother.

Had the mother's of my erstwhile fan-club been even half aware of what was taking place in the sleepy environs of the village in which we lived; I'm pretty sure we'd also have received a visit or two from our local friendly Garda Siochona.* Still, it was innocent fun of a type long forgotten. As we packed into the tiny sitting room all manner of things would be discussed both at length and with an element of heat. The picture in my minds eye is certainly tinted; but not through the golden glow found only at the bottom of a decent glass of cider...

The point of this post? Well, aside from a trip down memory lane and a nice rosy feeling inside; I thought you might like to admire Areopagus's photo of the bottle of Welsh Cider. Although the photographer himself wasn't partial to it; preferring a cup of tea containing at least three spoonful's of sugar, I do believe that he has done this particular beverage a favour. As a photo it's lovely; and as for the contents of that glass; my mouth is watering at the sight and thought of a decent glass of cider!

So; now you know why I didn't treat myself to some yellow, gassy liquid having completed all those personalised cards. Now it's time to make St Valentine's Day extra-specially romantic for some lucky lady; or indeed gentleman. The order's have come flying in in their droves and I am thrilled to be a part of it! Later on I'll put some of them up on the website...

Bye for now & Thanks for stopping by!

Polly Pierce

Making You The Gift of Time

*Culture Lesson: In Ireland the local constabulary or police force is known as the Garda Siochona or the Gards!

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