Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Polly Teams Up With The Gunners

My Team the Gunners
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So, how's about this for an amazing coincidence? A while ago I was asked to make a birthday card for a gentleman who is to be 50, loves Arsenal and is trying to give up cider!

"Okay!" says I; "what the b*@!dy heck am I going to do with this one?!" After a couple searches on Google and a disasterous attempt to print cider bubbles onto ink jet acetate I gave up. By the way, the difference between acetate and ink-jet acetate is that the ink-jet has one rough side for printing on and a smooth side.

The advantage of this is that the rough side supposedly captures the ink better than smooth and this allows it to dry sometime before next Christmas. The disadvantage of this is that it is an expensive exercise which isn't always cost effective; especially if you happen to print on the wrong side of the flaming acetate! Enough said...

I've always said that I work better to a dead line, my Mum always reckoned that I was a "last minute Charlie". Either way; with a little over twelve hours before this blessed card is due to be handed over, I am finally inspired.

Not only am I inspired; the internet, Google and Fickr seem to be playing ball today. The concensus of opinion, ie the royal wii; is that at last I have found the answer to my card maker's block! Now all I need to do is find some more of that bl*@dy acetate and print the bubbles on the correct side.

As you can see from the photo the rest is pretty much history, except for the fact that I also happen to have in my possession a very nice pair of footie boots, leather football and a referee's whistle. These will all be slightly off centre with the focus on the Arsenal badge emblazoned upon the cider glass featured in this luscious photo.

Thanks very much to captgeoff for publishing this photo and making it possible for me to finish off this special card for a special friend...

All the best

Polly Pierce

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ps. If I get time later I'll upload the finished card - assuming that this moment of inspiration works out the way I am hoping it will!!!! Finger's and toes crossed please...

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SandieShores said...

Waiting on that finished card.... ;)