Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cornish Harbour Freezes Over

Quite by accident I discovered this video clip; while looking out for a friend (Russell Rusky McQuillan) who has apparently had his blog linked to by the BBC. Unfortunately, as I have rather a lot of card making to do this evening I didn't have time to delve too deeply; but the Cornish Harbour Freezes Over headline did catch my eye...

Having only recently watched a number of nature programmes filmed in the Arctic circle the sight of frozen sea water comes as no great surprise; that is until you consider that Cornwall is located in the South West of England. As such Cornwall usually benefits from somewhat milder temperatures than much of the United Kingdom. For more information about this amazing occurrence click on the picture...

Having taken part in a number of "that's the way it used to be; when I were a lad!" style conversations recently, it should be no surprise then that only this morning we were talking about Jack Frost. Somehow, however, I'm not so sure that those cold and frosty mornings were quite that cold after all! Or maybe I just don't remember...?


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