Thursday, February 5, 2009

Its snowing men! hallelujah!

This pic was taken by my friend Paula Sheridan. I decided to post it for all of you who are feeling sad because the snow has gone! (Blaithin & Sandie)

Its snowing men! hallelujah!

While this may be true in some parts of the country, I woke up to a nice powdery dusting of the stuff on my car. Not only this, but it had snowed between DG taking BB to the school bus in the village and my leaving the house to bring LB to school. The road was pure white in places, with no evidence of previous tyre prints...

Not only is she a keen amateur photographer, she also engraves beautiful candles for special occasions, ie weddings and baptisms. You should check out her Flickr page for examples of her work.

Candle Display

To see them in the flesh, I'm hoping to be exhibiting a couple at the upcoming Wedding Expo this weekend, ie 8th February at Middleton Park House, Castletown Geoghan, Co Westmeath. Opening at 12.30pm and continuing until 5.30pm this promises to be the Wedding Fair of the season.

Having recently attended a civil wedding held at MPH back in November, I can confirm that this place is truly beautiful. The staff couldn't possibly have been more accommodating if they had tried.

Not only did they put on a good show for Misty's wedding, the food was excellent. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who happens to think that this was the best wedding I have ever attended...

So, for all you brides to be out there, why not drag himself along and check out this most sophisticated of venues, sample the wedding menu and meet up with me too. There'll be plenty of Lily O'Briens chocolates to tempt you as well as two lovely albums of my Hand-Made Greeting Cards, Valentine's and Wedding Stationery.

That said, the chocolates can't possibly compete with the chef's hand-made truffles...

Polly Pierce
Vinca Cards & Brownie Points For Men

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